Morocco: Statement of the Communist League of Action on the February 20th day of rage

This is a translation of the statement that the Moroccan section of the International Marxist Tendency issued in the run up to Morocco's day of rage on February 20th.

We are in the midst of a bitter conflict waged by the Arab working class and the toiling masses in the Arab region for the liberation from the yoke of the capitalist regimes, injustice, exploitation and oppression. The young Moroccan people is joining the rest of the youth in the Arab region yearning for freedom. The young Moroccan people have declared Sunday, February 20th a day of anger and indignation against the system of oppression, humiliation and capital dependency that accumulate the wealth of a parasitical minority while the rest of the toiling masses, workers, peasants and the unemployed, live in poverty and humiliation.

The history of the Moroccan people is a history of struggles, sacrifices and uprisings. We provided many martyrs for the sake of liberation from the shackles of the authoritarian capital dependent monarchy. This is shown by the uprisings of 1958,1965, 1981, 1984 and 1991 and the uprisings under the "new ruler" in the Sefrou, Sidi Ifni, Bouarfa, Mysore, Ackley, and Tanger, etc.

We, the Communist League of Action as a Marxist revolutionary group, support all popular and workers movements. We declare:

  • Our support for the initiative on 20 February, through our active participation in the mobilization of the masses in the places we are present to assure the success of this action.
  • Our actual participation in the action.
  • Our appreciation of the Democratic Confederation of Labour and other leftist organizations and parties (the Democratic Way, the United Socialist Party, the Moroccan Association of Human Rights, etc) who are participating to assure the success of this action.
  • Our assertion that the objective conditions for revolutionary change are ripe, posing for the revolutionary left the responsibility to prepare for the leadership of these and other actions towards the completion of the historical tasks.
  • Our opposition to all forms of class cooperation with the capitalists and their dependent capitalistic state.
  • Our call for the labour activists and the youth to be armed with a perspective of class struggle and to build organizations and to encourage organized self-defence.
  • Stress on the need to show solidarity with the international struggle of the peoples, because, the enemy of the working class is the same.

Long live the struggles of the Moroccan people!

Long live the Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions that opened the way for the revolution in the Arab world!

Let Feb. 20 be the start of the Moroccan revolution!


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