Spanish student strike shows the way forward

Written by Arturo Rodriguez Wednesday, 02 April 2014

student-strike-thThe major student organizations and unions in Spain called a national university strike on the 26th and 27th of March. I joined the picket lines in the University of Alicante, in the Valencian region. The strike was called to fight the austerity policies of the current PP (right-wing) government that are destroying public education in Spain. Tuition fees have rocketed throughout the country, the number of scholarships has plummeted, classes are overcrowded, certain modules and even whole degrees are being scrapped…


Madrid: huge march demands “bread, jobs and housing”

Written by Jorge Martin Monday, 24 March 2014

soloelpueblo-thSunday March 22 was another milestone in the struggle against cuts and austerity in Spain. Hundreds of thousands, probably over a million marched in Madrid on Saturday 22, in the final stage of the Dignity Marches which have walked from all over the country to the capital over the last few weeks. Their demands "Bread, Jobs and Housing" cannot be contained within the limits of capitalism.


Dignity marches - Everyone to Madrid on March 22

Written by Lucha de Clases (Spain) Friday, 21 March 2014

Marchas de la Dignidad-thOn Saturday, 22 March, Madrid will witness one of the main social and political mobilisations of the year, the March for Dignity. The aim is to gather hundreds of thousands of people in Madrid, from around the country in order to show opposition to the anti-working class and anti-social policies of the past few years. The demonstration will march under the slogans "Do not pay the public debt", for a "Basic income to all those without resources", "No more cuts", "Bread, Housing and Jobs for all" and "Down with the Troika Governments."


Spain: The government fears the organised people on the streets

Written by Lucha de Clases (Spain) Friday, 21 March 2014

austeridad-basta-ya-thIn the State of the Nation debate, Spanish president Rajoy announced that 2014 will be "the year of recovery." Before this bombastic statement, the government had frozen the meagre minimum wage (€ 645.3 per month), raised the price of transportation by 1.9% and consolidated the huge rise in electricity prices of recent years.


Spain 2014: Social Protests and Class Consciousness Advance

Written by Lucha de Clases - Spain Tuesday, 04 February 2014

2014-01-16-Burgos. Photo: Rodrigo Mena RuizAs we enter the second half of the ruling Popular Party term of office, we witness a change of mood in the working class and other layers of society: one which is more resolute, firm and militant. A certain element of fatalism and helplessness permeated the year 2013 thanks to the inability of the mass movement to defeat the reactionary policies of the PP. This is now being overcome.


Spain: Over a million on the streets in strike against cuts in education

Written by Jorge Martin Friday, 25 October 2013

teacher-strike-oct-2013-thHundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents marched yesterday, October 24, in over 70 cities and towns in Spain against cuts and counter-reforms and in defence of high quality and free state education as part of a one day strike of the whole education system.


Spain: victory for the anti-eviction movement highlights housing scandal

Written by Jorge Martin Wednesday, 16 October 2013

blicsalt1-thThis morning, a last minute decision by the European Court of Human Rights stopped, temporarily, the eviction of 43 people who have been occupying an empty block of flats in Salt, Girona, known as #BlocSalt. Over 700 people, organised by the anti-eviction movement PAH, had gathered overnight to resist the court order, including a large contingent of firefighters in uniform. This case highlights one of the most scandalous features of the housing crisis in Spain.


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