[VIDEOS / PICS] South Africa: COSATU's general strike against labour brokers and road tolls

Hundreds of thousands marched across South Africa as part of COSATU's one day general strike against labour brokers and road tolls. Here are some videos and pictures of the day's action. 

ECR Newswatch picture of the demonstration in Durban, click for a full size view. 

News24 VIDEO report of the strike, with images and interviews of the march in Cape Town

Picture Gallery of the Johannesburg demonstrations, by Jordi Matas on Demotix

Short VIDEO clip of the Johannesburg demonstration

SABC News VIDEO report of the Johannesburg march

Some good images of the demonstrations across the country in this SABC News summary VIDEO

A decent Al Jazeera VIDEO report, going into the reasons for the strike

Short IOLNews VIDEO clip of the Durban march

A COSATU memorandum with facts and figures backing the case against labour brokers

News and analysis in the South Africa section of In Defence of Marxism