Four Syrian left-wingers have been sentenced to several years in prison, accused of being members of the Party for Communist Action (PCA) and they have no right of appeal. In Defence of Marxism condemns this barbaric act and adds its voice to the calls for their immediate and unconditional release. We publish here the note that recently went up on the Amnesty International website.

Youth For International Socialism (YFIS), the Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) and the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) jointly held protests in Rawalpindi and Hyderabad to express solidarity with the revolutionary movements in Tunisia and Egypt.

We publish a resolution which was passed this weekend at the Karl Marx Seminar of the Vorarlberg Young Socialists and photos of the demo in solidarity with the Arab Revolution. Ninety young comrades from Austria, Germany and the Swiss Jusos were present. Around 500 euro were also raised to help finance the work of Arabic language Marxist website

An Emergency Motion in support of the Arab workers was passed at a meeting of the West Midlands TUC on Saturday, January 29th. It was agreed to forward it to the Regional TUC and to all affiliated Trades Union Councils.

Saturday January 15 a sit-in in support of the Tunisian people in struggle took place in Rome, in front of the Tunisian Embassy. Several organizations of the left demonstrated their support for the revolutionary upsurge in Tunisia, alongside with a crowd of people from the Tunisian community.

In Montreal, Quebec, the Marxists participated in a solidarity march on Saturday the 15th which had been called before the dictator fled the country. Called to protest the clampdown against the demonstrations, the march became a celebration of the cowardly flight of Ben Ali, and a protest to demand that his son-in-law not be allowed to take up residence in his $2.5 million mansion in a rich neighbourhood of Montreal.

“Did you see men with long beards during the demonstrations in Tunisia?” asked a middle-aged Tunisian woman, “No? Indeed! We don’t need them to liberate ourselves from tyranny”. This woman was demonstrating on the streets of Brussels together with some 800 others, mainly Tunisians.

This resolution on tunisia was approved unanimously at the conference of FalceMartello, the Marxist wing of the Italian PRC, two days ago. It calls for international solidarity with the struggles in the Maghreb - a call which we wholeheartedly endorse.

Two Student leaders from the Agriculture University Faisalabad, Umer Rasheed and Asad Rehman were arrested and sent to jail yesterday, 21 November 2010. They were involved in the movement against load-shedding in the university and against proposal for fee hikes.

On October 25 the Court of Appeal sentenced the three youth leaders of the Jebha protests to six months in jail and a fine of 1000 dirham each (approximately half the official monthly minimum wage). The three had been part of a popular protest campaign against the lack of water and electricity in the village at the end of December 2009. They need your support!