In Montreal, Quebec, the Marxists participated in a solidarity march on Saturday the 15th which had been called before the dictator fled the country. Called to protest the clampdown against the demonstrations, the march became a celebration of the cowardly flight of Ben Ali, and a protest to demand that his son-in-law not be allowed to take up residence in his $2.5 million mansion in a rich neighbourhood of Montreal.

“Did you see men with long beards during the demonstrations in Tunisia?” asked a middle-aged Tunisian woman, “No? Indeed! We don’t need them to liberate ourselves from tyranny”. This woman was demonstrating on the streets of Brussels together with some 800 others, mainly Tunisians.

This resolution on tunisia was approved unanimously at the conference of FalceMartello, the Marxist wing of the Italian PRC, two days ago. It calls for international solidarity with the struggles in the Maghreb - a call which we wholeheartedly endorse.

Two Student leaders from the Agriculture University Faisalabad, Umer Rasheed and Asad Rehman were arrested and sent to jail yesterday, 21 November 2010. They were involved in the movement against load-shedding in the university and against proposal for fee hikes.

On October 25 the Court of Appeal sentenced the three youth leaders of the Jebha protests to six months in jail and a fine of 1000 dirham each (approximately half the official monthly minimum wage). The three had been part of a popular protest campaign against the lack of water and electricity in the village at the end of December 2009. They need your support!

In Pakistan the crisis in the power sector has affected the whole society for many years. Long power cuts and ever increasing electricity bills have made the lives of ordinary people hell. One of the main reasons for all this was the privatisation of the power generating sector many years ago.

The international solidarity campaign organised by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples coinciding with the National Assembly elections in Venezuela was a resounding success. More than 30 events were organised in 20 different countries, and nearly 1500 people from 65 different countries signed the solidarity appeal.

As the misery in the flood affected areas continues, so do the efforts of the PTUDC. In the present situation where the water has started to recede, the problems of people at large have started to increase with unprecedented levels of hunger, inflation, disease and unemployment.

Where local landlords and bourgeois politicians have tried to defend their economic interests at the expense of the flood victims, the comrades of the PTUDC have given a lead in organising the masses in committees to run the relief effort themselves. This shows what is possible when a revolutionary lead is given.

More reports have come in from the activities organised and called for by Hands Off Venezuela and the Bolivarian Congress of the Peoples. Read the latest reports from Britain, Italy and Brazil.