The past few months have seen the return of right-wing attacks on the Venezuelan government and Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Also implicated in these attacks has been Alan Woods, the founder of the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign and editor of the popular Marxist website In Defence of Marxism. We were fortunate to have Alan speak at Casa Romero in Toronto’s west-end via video-link, where he answered the lies of the world’s corporate press, as well as why they have attacked him and the HOV campaign personally.

We have received this appeal for solidarity from activists in Syria. Please send solidarity messages to the address provided.

March 20 has been declared an international day of solidarity with the Arab revolutions. The IMT will be actively taking part. However, we also need concrete financial help to strengthen our work in the Middle East and help our comrades struggling to build the forces of Marxism in these countries. So please donate generously to our campaign!

We were recently sent a statement of prisoners of conscience in the Damascus Central Prison (Adra), announcing their hunger strike demanding an end to political arrests, the removal of injustices and the restitution of rights that have been removed from civil and political life. They are being kept in terrible conditions, such as having no beds, being served bad food and with no access to a doctor.

We would like to thank all those who expressed their support and solidarity for Nawzad Baban, a leading figure in the current protests in Kurdistan and an FWCUI electricity worker activist in Sulaimania City. He was abducted on Friday, February 25 in Sulaimania with three other activists. Here we republish an interview with him Muayad Ahmad, first published by Hawpshti (Solidarity).

On 27th February a seminar was organized by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Youth For International Socialism (YFIS) in Dera Ghazi Khan to discuss the continuing Arab Revolution and its impact on Pakistan. The seminar was held in the District head office of the Pakistan People’s Party, D.G. Khan.

During the February 20 protests in Morocco, the state unleashed its security forces on the masses, leading to at least nine deaths and many arrests. One of those arrested and brutally tortured was a comrade of the Communist League of Action (CLA), the IMT in Morocco. We publish here an appeal from the comrades of the CLA. We ask all our readers to take part in the protest against these actions.

Please support Nawzad Baban, one of the leading figures of the current protests in Kurdistan and also a worker activist of the FWCUI in the electricity sector in Sulaimaniya City. He was kidnapped on Friday, February 25, in Sulaimaniya with three other comrades.

We recently reported on the movement of workers and youth in the north of Iraq/Kurdistan. In response to those mobilisations, the security forces have opened fire on the people and arrested some of the key organisers. We have received this appeal for solidarity and help to get those arrested released. Please make your voice heard by writing to the Iraqi authorities.

We urgently need solidarity action to be taken for comrade Dr. Touhama  Maarouf in Syria. She decided to start a hunger strike on 18 February 2011 in protest against her harsh conditions in prison. She is being held in the Adra prison in Damascus, granted no rights, and with no light or medication. She is being kept in dirty conditions. Her food is bad and her health is rapidly deteriorating. Furthermore she is not allowed visitors. She was arrested on 10 February 2010 accused of belonging to the Communist Labour Party in Syria. She is the mother of two children.