On Thursday afternoon, October 21, around twenty activists from the Hands Off Venezuela solidarity campaign gathered outside the Venezuelan consulate in London. They brought with them a surprise guest: George “Christopher Columbus” Bush, who had Tony Blair sitting atop his shoulder in a puppet form. They were there to hear about three protesters in Caracas who have been jailed for toppling... a Columbus statue.

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign public meeting held on September 7 in Portcullis House (Houses of Parliament annex) was very successful with around 70 people attending, among them a sizeable group of the local Bolivarian Circle. The meeting also attracted a sizeable number of trade unionists and youth, who were keen to understand what is going on in Venezuela. It was of particular importance as it was the first time that a public debate was being held in London since the recall referendum took place on August 15.

Manu Chao, the popular singer, has sent the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign a longtext (in Spanish) in solidarity with the venezuelan people and calling for amassive participation in the referendum and to vote to defend the Bolivarian revolution.

We are publishing two articles that appeared in the Pakistani daily paper, The Jang, written by the well known Pakistani journalist and TV director Munnoo Bhai and one of the most widely read columnists in Pakistan. They would have reached between 20-25 million people in Pakistan and around the world. The Daily Jang is the largest circulation paper in Pakistan. Munnoo Bhai wrote his first column in a daily newspaper on June 1, 1954. The second article is thus his golden jublee column written on the 50th anniversary of his column writing. There has been a tremendous response and Munnoo Bhai has received hundreds of phone calls supporting the position he has taken on Venezuela.

On May 1, taking advantage of the International Day of the Working Class, Hands Off Venezuela Campaign held a public meeting after the May Day Demonstration in Central London. Alan Woods, editor of Marxist.com, eyewittness of the Venezuelan Revolution and one of the speakers of II International Solidarity Gathering in Venezuela gave us a really inspiring talk on what the real current situation is in that country.