Convencaucho workers under attack for defending their rights! On Thursday February 13th at 5.30 am, some 30 Covencaucho workers were attacked while they were going to their workplaces in the company coaches in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela. Two workers were injured, one with a bullet wound in his arm and another one with glass fragments in his eye.

The recent belligerent statements and attacks on President Chavez coming from the representatives of the Bush Administration pose a direct threat to the working people of Venezuela. The Hands Off Venezuela campaign appeals to its friends in the American trade union movement to join with us in condemning these provocations and to place the maximum pressure on the Bush Administration to desist from these attacks. Please sign the open letter!

A major trade union initiative in solidarity with Venezuela has been launched by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Coinciding with the celebration of International Workers' day, Hands Off Venezuela is promoting an "Open letter to US trade unionists". The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness within the labour movement in the United States about what is really happening in Venezuela and particularly about the threat posed by the aggressive stance of the US administration. Read the appeal on the Hands Off Venezuela website.

On May 7, the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign made a presentation at the 1st annual Winnipeg Social Forum, held at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba. Joining some 60 people who had participated in a full day of presentations, workshops, discussions, musicians, food, and street theatre, the supporters of Hands Off Venezuela and Fightback participated in a lively discussion on the important issue of Venezuela. Read the article on the Hands Off Venezuela website.

We recently received this report, which shows how the Israeli state deals with anyone - even if they are Jewish - who dares to take up the plight of the Palestinians in the refugee camps in a serious manner. Tali Fahima is being held without any charges, with her arrest being extended continuously.

The Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network was launched to raise solidarity with the Iranian workers who are struggling against the oppressive fundamentalist regime. This campaign has been initially sponsored by Jeremy Dear(General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists) in Britain, and Ahmed Manzoor, the President of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and a member of Parliament in Pakistan.

Following a protest by laid off contract workers at the Khatoonabad copper smelting plant four workers were shot dead by riot police. Help us in organising solidarity action in support of the Khatoonabad copper workers.
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