The Musharraf regime wants to privatise Pakistan Steel Mills, the largest industrial complex in the country. The workers at the plant have started a struggle against the privatisation attempt. Discontent among the workers is increasing day by day, and there is now a mood and desire to unite all the trade unions on a single point agenda: “unite to fight and fight to win”. Read the article on the PTUDC website.

In the middle of August the well-know Indian journalist and publisher Satish Kumar was framed and arrested in Faridabad, just outside Delhi. For more than 20 years he has published a paper called 'Mazdoor Morcha', which is renowned for exposing corruption and cases of abuse of power by the state authorities. Now he has been arrested and the authorities have set the date for his bail hearing in December!

Convencaucho workers under attack for defending their rights! On Thursday February 13th at 5.30 am, some 30 Covencaucho workers were attacked while they were going to their workplaces in the company coaches in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela. Two workers were injured, one with a bullet wound in his arm and another one with glass fragments in his eye.