The PTUDC in Britain organised a speaking tour throughout January. The tour was designed to build the profile of the campaign in this country, to establish points of support in the labour movement, and to collect financial donations for the campaign. The tour involved meetings and discussions with leading figures and bodies of the labour movement, meetings with individual trade union branches, and regional public meetings to attract broader layers of workers and establish support in Britain's Asian communities. Lal Khan, PTUDC International Secretary, and Manzoor Ahmed, the recently elected Marxist PPP MP, spoke at many trade union meetings around the country.

As the shadow of war looms large over the horizon, the attacks on workers have further intensified in Pakistan. With the pretext of “war against terror” the Musharraf regime has been implementing the IMF and World Bank policies of privatisation, deregulation, liberalization and downsizing. These policies have had a devastating effect upon the already impoverished working people of Pakistan and here, as in so many other countries the “war against terror” has in reality been a “war against the people”.

On March 24 the PTUDC (Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign) held a meeting in Lahore, which was attended by more than 300 PTUDC leaders and members who came from all over the country.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign's (PTUDC) national bureau announced before May Day that this year it would be celebrated in Pakistan as a "day of collective struggle of the working class against capitalism" and a "day of struggle for socialist revolution in Pakistan". On this basis May Day was celebrated all over the country with the same agenda.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and Youth For International Socialism (Pakistan) celebrated the 86th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution on November 7, 2003 throughout the country. For this purpose they arranged many public meetings in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Quetta and Hyderabad simultaneously.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Youth for International Socialism (YFIS) have launched a campaign against the ongoing suppression, terrorism, brutality and corruption of the Chairman of steel mills in Karachi and his administration. To this end the PTUDC, in collaboration with YFIS, organised demonstrations throughout Pakistan.

The International Labour Organization's governing body rejected the government measures of suspending trade unions and professional associations at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)and stressed that the government of Pakistan that all facilities, rights and privileges should be immediately restored and that all declarations of the Geneva Convention should be observed. Read the article at the PTUDC website.