On November 8, the Hands Off Venezuela campaign welcomed into its ranks the Hungarian-Venezuelan Solidarity Association (HVSA), who after a period of close collaboration and discussions had decided to join HOV. This is a welcome addition to our campaign and we look forward to stepping up the solidarity work with these comrades.

Come and hear Jesus Pino from the Revolutionary Front of Steel Workers (SIDOR). He is speaking at the Hands Off Venezuela National Conference in London in less than two week’s time. He will speak about the struggle to nationalise the steel industry and the fight for workers’ control in Venezuela. The nationalisation of SIDOR earlier this year was a direct outcome of a militant struggle by the steel workers themselves. This shows the direction that the Venezuelan Revolution is taking and highlights the need to complete the tasks of expropriating the Oligarchy.

Yesterday saw an impressive show of solidarity for the Miami Five in front of the US embassy at London's Grosvenor Square. About five hundred people turned up to the annual candlelit vigil organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in Britain. Hands Off Venezuela joined the protest, which marked the 10th anniversary of the arrest of these five courageous men.

Some hundred people gathered in front of the US embassy in Brussels last Friday. The immediate reason for this protest was the central role played by the US in the recent ‘civic bosses coup’ against the left government of Bolivia.

In response to coup plotting in both Bolivia and Venezuela, the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, together with several other Latin American solidarity organisations, organised a picket outside the US Embassy in London followed by a highly successful public meeting, where all speakers and participants condemned the manoeuvres of US imperialism and pledged themselves to keep up the solidarity activity.


In Defence of Marxism will be publishing irregularly over the holiday period, and will resume regular output on 1 September.