Yesterday saw an impressive show of solidarity for the Miami Five in front of the US embassy at London's Grosvenor Square. About five hundred people turned up to the annual candlelit vigil organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in Britain. Hands Off Venezuela joined the protest, which marked the 10th anniversary of the arrest of these five courageous men.

Some hundred people gathered in front of the US embassy in Brussels last Friday. The immediate reason for this protest was the central role played by the US in the recent ‘civic bosses coup’ against the left government of Bolivia.

In response to coup plotting in both Bolivia and Venezuela, the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, together with several other Latin American solidarity organisations, organised a picket outside the US Embassy in London followed by a highly successful public meeting, where all speakers and participants condemned the manoeuvres of US imperialism and pledged themselves to keep up the solidarity activity.

Nine members of the Trade Union of the Vahed Bus Company of Tehran and Suburbs have been sacked for taking part in the strikes of December 2005 and January 2006 at the Company's depots. This was in accordance with the ruling of the Labour Discipline Committees and was also approved by the Workplace Justice Tribunal.

In this 2 part audio clip Sylvia Richardson, host of Latin Waves on CJSF radio, in Vancouver, Canada, interviews Jorge Martin, International Secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Beginning with some of the incredible changes happening in Venezuela, Jorge and Sylvia carry on to discuss the challenges that face the Venezuelan revolution.

The workers of Iran Telecommunications Industry in Shiraz, in southern Iran, have not been paid for five months. They went on strike, including blocking the street opposite the factory, and they chanted slogans condemning their situation, criticising their bosses and managers, and even government leaders. The protest was broken up by the violent intervention of the riot police.

Since its launch on 28 April 2008, HOV Indonesia has become an active medium for discussions on the Venezuelan Revolution, especially around the issue of nationalization of the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. It has managed to reach out to various marginalized sectors of the population: the youth, workers, women, urban poor, and young artists.