On the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution Marxists in Austria organised a public meeting to discuss what really happened in 1979, explaining how what was a genuine workers' revolution was hijacked by the Islamic fundamentalists due to the lack of a genuine revolutionary leadership of the working class.

According to reports from teachers in various towns and cities in Iran most teachers are solidly behind the broad-based strike on 21-23 February. The lack of access to the press and the media in general for publicising the strike has meant that news about the country-wide strike has been passed on using SMS, email, personal weblogs and telephone conversations.

Supporters of the Venezuelan revolution gathered in front of the Venezuelan consulate in Montreal on Sunday 15th of February at 11:00 am, in a demonstration called by Hands Off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec. This was a cross-Canada event, as activists from Hands Off Venezuela Toronto, and the Mohawk community also traveled to increase the spirit of solidarity. All were united in solidarity with the revolution and the yes vote in the referendum abolishing term limits.

A meeting was held in the headquarters of the biggest Polish trade-union confederation to discuss the situation in Venezuela. At the end of the meeting a letter of protest against the repression of the Mitsubishi workers was handed to the delegation from Venezuela which included a member of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

The recent arrests of labour and Kurdish activists have once again drawn attention to the fact that the Iranian regime is determined to re-establish the old balance of forces. Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network will be highlighting the cases of Mansour Osanloo, Farzad Kamangar, Mohsen Hakimi and Zeynab Jalaliyan to start a campaign for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.

Zeynab Jalaliyan, a Kurdish female political activist, has been sentenced to death for membership of a Kurdish opposition organisation.  The 27-year-old Ms. Jalaliyan is a lawyer and lives in Maku, in Azerbaijan province (north-western Iran).

During the past week the Iranian regime has arrested several labour activists. They join a long list of imprisoned Iranian labour activists who have committed no crime other than try to form trade unions (or other labour organisations) and to defend the pay and working conditions of workers. We urge all trade unionists, socialists, and labour and human rights activists to send protest emails/letters to the Iranian authorities.

Earlier this year the Iranian regime's authorities announced that thousands of Afghan workers who needed work permits to work in Iran, because they do not have passports, will not be allowed to work from the beginning of the Iranian month of Shahrivar. It is the duty of the Iranian working class to defend its Afghan brothers and sisters, especially as the regime's shrinking oil revenue will make it search for more scapegoats to let it off the hook.