During February 2009 the bosses of Tikoshin Plastics in Sanandaj, on the basis of a made up excuse, sacked all the company’s eight workers and shut down the workshop. The workers were confronted with the apathy and callousness of the Labour Office and their case has still not been presented to the Insurance Office.

Pedram Nasrollahi, a Kurdish labour activist, has been freed from Sanandaj's central prison. Pedram was released after many obstacles and objections put up by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran were overcome by activists of the Pedram Nasrollahi and Borhan Saidi Defence Committee (PNBSDC). 

As part of the worldwide activities of the Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network, a solidarity event was held in Toronto also commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Resolutions of support for the Iranian workers were also passed by Vancouver postal workers and the District Labour Council.

85 members of J-PSUV, the youth section of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, met on the weekend of the 20th-22nd of March. Throughout the weekend a banner in solidarity with Iranian workers was visible on the wall and a session was held in which a resolution on Iran was adopted.

On March 23 the Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network in Brazil, together with activists from the Occupied Factories Movement and the Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) organised a picket outside the Iran-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and also handed in a protest letter signed by many Brazilian workers activists and trade unionists.

During the days of action in solidarity with Iranian workers that are currently going on around the world, activists of the Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network and members of Der Funke protested in the city centre of Frankfurt against state repression of the Iranian regime. They informed passers-by with leaflets and other material about the current situation inside Iran.

On Saturday, March 14, the national leadership of FalceMartello (the Marxist tendency in the PRC) launched the Iranian Workers'Solidarity Network in Italy, during its national meeting.

An enthusiastic group of British trade unionists, Socialist Appeal members and IWSN activists, gathered outside the Iranian regime's embassy in London on March 14. The protesters chanted slogans like "Free all political prisoners in Iran!", "Independent workers' unions now!" and "Iranian workers are not alone!".

From Monday March 2 the workers of the Nushab drinks factory have been on strike. They are protesting against not being paid their New Year bonuses and wages for the past five months. The workers declared they would continue with their strike and struggles until their demands have been met.

On the 11th of March a handful of young Danish workers and students met in front of the Iranian embassy in Denmark to protest against the dictatorship and the imprisonment of union activists in Iran. They showed their support for the fight of the Iranian working class. Afterwards there was a meeting organised on the current political situation in Iran and the perspectives for a socialist revolution.