On Tuesday, 9 June, sixty people crowded into Ryerson University’s Oakham House in Toronto (Canada) to hear Jorge Martín, the international secretary of Hands off Venezuela (HOV), speak about the history of Cuba, and the prospects for Cuba’s future.

Activities in the Rangmala camp are continuing with revolutionary zeal and fervor. The committees established for different tasks are working to help the people in the camp, who are living in the most dangerous conditions.

On Tuesday May 5 Shiva Sobhani, a well-known labour activist in Iranian Kurdistan who was arrested on May Day 2009, was summoned by the Communications Guard of Kurdistan province.

The plight of the people of war torn Swat/Malakand is a terrible one. They are the innocent victims of the conflict inside the Pakistani state and very little is being done by the authorities to help them. Many families are living out in the open. The PTUDC has organised volunteers and set up camps for those fleeing from the war zone. They need financial aid and we appeal to you to help.

Workers around the world were showing their solidarity with their Iranian brothers and sisters on May 1st. We have received some pictures from these protests and we publish them here.

In an unprecedented show of unity, nine independent labour organisations in Iran issued an appeal to workers for commemorating May Day. The Iranian regime saw the unity of the independent workers’ organisations as its biggest threats. The regime’s forces attacked everyone at the demonstration and dragged over 50 people on the ground and bundled them into the dozens of vans and cars.