A bitter struggle has broken out at the Merck Marker in Quetta, Pakistan. Workers demanding decent wages and conditions have come up against brutal repression, arrests and beatings. We are appealing for solidarity from workers of all countries.

Christoph Mürdter of IWSN Germany spoke at a solidarity rally with some 100 people present in Wiesbaden. He spoke on behalf of the local Left Party (DIE LINKE) and highlighted the work of the IWSN and the role of workers and youth in the coming revolution.

The action today, called initially by four global union organisations representing over 170 million workers, is part of an ongoing campaign that will eventually help Iranian workers win their full trade union and human rights.

On Tuesday night, June 23, Said Yuzi, a worker who had been imprisoned for 54 days was released after a 50 million tomans [$50,337] bail was set. On Wednesday Kaveh Mozafari, a journalist, was also released on a 50 million tomans bail.

A rally in support of Iranian workers was organized by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC), Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) and Peoples Students Federation in Quetta on June 21.

Two comrades of the PTUDC have been illegally arrested whilst distributing leaflets outside the Karachi Pakistan Steel plant. They have been beaten and subjected to torture by security personnel and are currently being held at a police station. The PTUDC are demanding their release and asking for solidarity from workers around the world.