As part of the widespread arrests of activists in Iran during the past few days Alireza Saghafi was arrested on Monday, February 1, 2010. He is a member of the Iranian Writers’ Association and a labour rights activist who was arrested on May Day 2009 in Tehran’s Laleh Park.

El Militante, the Spanish section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), invited a speaker from the Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN) to give a talk on the recent events in Iran, particularly the fraudulent ‘election’ and its aftermath. Amin Kazemi, the International Secretary of IWSN, took up this offer of El Militante and travelled to Spain in late September.

The following two reports were sent to us by IWSN activists in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan.

One thousand workers have been on strike for five months in the Tanta Linen company in Egypt. We have received an appeal for solidarity please take up this case in your trade union or workplace.

The Marxist tendency in Austria invited a speaker from the Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN) to give a series of talks on the recent events in Iran. Here we provide a report and pictures of this tour.

On Monday, 5 October, Latin America solidarity organisations protested outside the Honduran embassy in London against the coup in Honduras and in solidarity with the Resistance movement.

Over the weekend Essam Salami, a leading activist in the General Union of Tunisian Students, was seized by the police who have treated him brutally. Please take up the appeal of the General Union of Tunisian Students, and write to local Tunisian embassies demanding his release.

On August 25 workers at the Wagon Pars factory in Arak, central Iran, went on strike over unpaid wages. Following months of tension with the factory’s owners and managers, the workers staged a sit-in protest by sitting on the ground, locking the factory gate and preventing any managers from entering the factory.

We publish this appeal that we received from Syrian left-wing activists. The appeal calls for clarification of the whereabouts of several left-wing activists that have disappeared in the last months and a release of all those imprisoned. We encourage our readers to support their appeal and write letters of protests.

The General Board of the Administrative Court of Justice quashed all the dismissal sentences of the Vahed trade union’s workers and sent the case files of these workers to the Arbitration Board of the Labour Office for review.