Some 50 activists participated in a very intense day of discussions during the Conference of Hands off Venezuela in London, on May 22. The main guests of the Conference were Katy Jaimes and Elías Chacón, active in the Socialist United Party (PSUV) and the PSUV youth as well as the movement of occupied factories, who had travelled from Venezuela to report on the current situation of the Bolivarian revolution.

Venezuelan Marxists Katy Jaimes and Elias Chacon  were interviewed by British daily paper Morning Star and the article was published on the morning of the British Hands Off Venezuela Conference. Katy Jaimes and Elias Chacon are on a tour of Britain, visiting the HoV conference and several trade union conferences.

On Saturday May 22nd, Hands Off Venezuela is holding its national conference in Britain. Come and hear speakers from Venezuela and discuss the latest events surrounding the Venezuelan Revolution, including the PSUV congress, Chavez's appeal for a Fifth International, the setting up of a Bolivarian militia, factory occupations, the forthcoming national assembly elections and the situation in Latin America in general.

Trade union and left wing activists from different countries have signed this open letter to Evo Morales regarding the conflict over wage increases between the COB trade union and the MAS government

The body of Zardasht Osman, a 23 year old University student was dumped in front of the offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Mosul (about 50 km west of Erbil) on Wednesday, May 5. Zardasht had been tortured, before being executed with two gunshots to the head. Please add your name to the protest!

More than 100 protestors on Tuesday took part in a picket in Copenhagen to commemorate the defeat of the CIA-backed coup in Venezuela on the 13 April eight years ago. The event was also a protest against the continued aggressions and coups on part of Imperialism in Latin America.

A longstanding Iranian activist, Jamal Saberi, living in exile in Japan risks being deported back to Iran where he could face execution. March 31 has been declared a day of protest in support of his application for asylum. Organise outside Japanese embassies and consulates and add your voice to the protest.

We call on our readers to urgently send to the Brazilian authorities resolutions supporting the Flaskô workers, with the following basic content.