Hell on earth is the only way one can describe the situation in the flood affected areas of Pakistan. People are going hungry, children are being hit by disease, poor pregnant women are lying in the open air under the rain. In these conditions the comrades of the PTUDC are doing what they can with the meagre resources at hand to provide some relief. Please help these comrades with whatever you can!

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) in Pakistan has been active all over the country in organising relief for the victims of the floods. We provide here a second photo gallery documenting some of the activities of the Revolutionary Flood Relief and Protest Campaign described in the latest report. These pictures were sent by PTUDC activists in Malakand, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahim Yar Khan, Islamabad, Hyderabad and in Kashmir.

The PTUDC in Pakistan has been active all over the country in organising relief for the victims of the floods. In some areas, however, they have met opposition from the Pakistan Army which prefers to back fundamentalist organisations. The Pakistan state has failed abysmally to help its own people, but still finds the forces to harass genuine socialists who are merely trying to help their own brothers and sisters.

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign has launched Revolutionary Flood Relief and Protest Committees across Pakistan, especially in the intensely affected areas, to conduct an efficient and effective rescue and relief effort. Fifty seven camps of this campaign have been set up in various regions and is appealing for help.

Some 50 activists participated in a very intense day of discussions during the Conference of Hands off Venezuela in London, on May 22. The main guests of the Conference were Katy Jaimes and Elías Chacón, active in the Socialist United Party (PSUV) and the PSUV youth as well as the movement of occupied factories, who had travelled from Venezuela to report on the current situation of the Bolivarian revolution.

Venezuelan Marxists Katy Jaimes and Elias Chacon  were interviewed by British daily paper Morning Star and the article was published on the morning of the British Hands Off Venezuela Conference. Katy Jaimes and Elias Chacon are on a tour of Britain, visiting the HoV conference and several trade union conferences.

On Saturday May 22nd, Hands Off Venezuela is holding its national conference in Britain. Come and hear speakers from Venezuela and discuss the latest events surrounding the Venezuelan Revolution, including the PSUV congress, Chavez's appeal for a Fifth International, the setting up of a Bolivarian militia, factory occupations, the forthcoming national assembly elections and the situation in Latin America in general.