In Montreal, Quebec, the Marxists participated in a solidarity march on Saturday the 15th which had been called before the dictator fled the country. Called to protest the clampdown against the demonstrations, the march became a celebration of the cowardly flight of Ben Ali, and a protest to demand that his son-in-law not be allowed to take up residence in his $2.5 million mansion in a rich neighbourhood of Montreal.

“Did you see men with long beards during the demonstrations in Tunisia?” asked a middle-aged Tunisian woman, “No? Indeed! We don’t need them to liberate ourselves from tyranny”. This woman was demonstrating on the streets of Brussels together with some 800 others, mainly Tunisians.

This resolution on tunisia was approved unanimously at the conference of FalceMartello, the Marxist wing of the Italian PRC, two days ago. It calls for international solidarity with the struggles in the Maghreb - a call which we wholeheartedly endorse.