Solidarity from the USA for PTUDC

A letter of support for the PTUDC from a US trade unionist activist.


Solidarity and Comradeship against Imperialist War and Fundamentalism!

I am writing this after reading the PTUDC report from Multan, where the PTUDC meeting called for the reinstatement of all workers sacked from their jobs after September11. As a public transport worker who was laid-off 0ctober1, I can say that demand is truly one which will get a response from the US workers! The report stated that 300,000 have been laid-off, but the number is definitely much higher than that. I have heard reports which state that since January 1, 2001, 3,000,000 have become unemployed! Capitalism offers the workers of the world nothing but a dead end, even in the most developed country on the earth.

The workers in the US will soon change their minds about this imperialist war. Although some have become flag-waving super patriots, most workers are unsure of the new situation. The workers here understand what war means - their sons will return home in pine boxes while the sons of the bosses get rich off of the spoils. The mass anti-war movement ended the Vietnam War, and soon the already growing new anti-war movement will end the Afghan War! As the song of the international socialist movement, The Internationale, says:

"No more deluded by reaction,
On tyrants only we'll make war.
The soldiers too will take strike action,
They'll break ranks and fight no more."

David May,
Workers International League,
Amalgamated Transit Union div. 788