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Solidarity Appeal: Miners’ strike in Lugansk

Since June 6, a mass strike of miners has been going on in the territory of the Lugansk (also known as the Lugansk People’s Republic). A significant number of the striking miners (119 people) are currently underground in one of the mines. 

The demands of the strikers include - payment of four months’ wages, an end to violence against strikers and the ensuring of the safety of labourers in the mines.

While the underground strike at the Komsomolskaya mine continues, however, quarantine has been introduced in the Antratsitovsky district from the morning of June 7 as a result of the “threat of COVID-19’s spread”. Urban traffic has been limited and both mobile operators (Lugank and Vodafon) are not working. On June 9, local authorities cut off electricity to the mine where the underground strike is taking place, meaning that drainage and ventilation did not work. This posed a direct threat to the life of the strikers.

Komsomlskaya MineKomsomolskaya Mine, where currently 119 miners are on strike, underground and without ventilation.

A number of strike leaders have also been abducted by local security forces. The location of the two leaders of the strike - the Efanov brothers - remains unclear. There is a high probability that they are being held in the basement of a local municipal building, where they are being tortured.

Efanov CollageThe brothers Efanov, who have been abducted and are being held in an unkown location.

We are calling for solidarity with Lugansk workers. We urge miners and trade unionists around the world to openly call for an end to violence against the miners of Donbass and support the fulfillment of their demands.

Please send solidarity messages to the following email addresses:

International Marxist Tendency, Russia

Ministry cabinet of Lugansk People's Republic