Socialist Kashmir Conference

The Socialist Kashmir Conference was organized by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation on 6th July. Speakers at the conference expressed their views that socialism is the only historical truth today which can guarantee a safe and prosperous future for humanity. Socialism is the only way forward which can put an end to the national and class oppression in Kashmir and all the sufferings of the people of the world by finishing off capitalism so that a classless and oppression free society can be built.

Socialist Kashmir Conference - RallyThe ideologies of the national democratic revolutions and nation states have now become historic non-entities along with capitalism which is now pushing humanity towards barbarism. Inflation, unemployment, energy crises, poverty, zero access to health and education has become the norm for masses while the top 1%, the bourgeoisie, controls all the wealth. In these conditions it is just not possible to address the burning questions facing an ordinary person without the destruction and replacement of the capitalist system.

Before the conference a rally was organized by the JKNSF in which young men and women from Kashmir and different cities of Pakistan participated with revolutionary fervour for solidarity with international revolutionary movements and against the ban on student unions, class based education, inflation, unemployment, poverty and ignorance.

The rally turned into a public meeting which was presided over by the JKNSF central president comrade Rashid Sheikh. Speeches were given by Comrade Adam Pal (PTUDC Pakistan leading comrade), Comrade Sardar Javed Nisar (Jammu Kashmir PPP district president and former central president NSF), Comrade Amjad Shahswar (central organizer of the Progressive Youth), Comrade Isma, (the revolutionary leader of women from Faisalabad), Comrade Shehryar Zauq, (PSF Jampur leader), Comrade Sartaj Haider (student leader from Balochistan), Comrade Ishaq Mir (PPP Rawalpindi leader), Comrade Tauseef Farooq (PSF Rawalakot president), Comrade Farhan ( press secretary of the SHL Young Doctors Association), Comrade Qaiser Abbas (student leader from Sialkot), Comrade Yasir Irshad, (PTUDC Kashmir organizer) , Comrades Aitzaz Ahsan and Suleman (PSO Poonch university leaders), Comrade Rahul (BNT organizer Hyderabad), Comrade Abrar Latif (NSF district president) and others. The duties of the stage secretary were performed by the central secretary general JKNSF, comrade Khalil Babar. 

Socialist Kashmir ConferenceSpeakers spoke of revolutionary movements erupting all over the world, terming it the historical defeat of the capitalist system. If there is one lesson to be learned from the revolutions in Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Europe and the rest of the world, it is this; the absence of a revolutionary party which is the only factor standing between capitalism and a socialist revolution.

The campaign for Kasmir’s national independence can only be realized when it is linked with the workers class struggle in India and Pakistan resulting in the formation of a Socialist Federation of the Subcontinent which will result in solving all the burning questions of class and nationalism. The revolutionary youth of Kashmir and Pakistan, equipped with the ideology of scientific socialism, is struggling to build and develop a revolutionary party so that the proletariat of the subcontinent does not find itself adrift without a revolutionary party and is therefore able to complete the historic task of a socialist transformation of society.