Iran: Said Yuzi and Kaveh Mozafari (May Day detainees) released

On Tuesday night, June 23, Said Yuzi, a worker who had been imprisoned for 54 days was released after a 50 million tomans [$50,337] bail was set. On Wednesday Kaveh Mozafari, a journalist, was also released on a 50 million tomans bail.

Workers and labour activists, together with their families, greeted them warmly and gave them flowers.

So now, of those arrested on May Day, two are still locked up: Mehdi Farahi Shandiz and Said Rostami, who is an Afghan subject. A bail of 100 million tomans [$100,674] has been set and Said Rostami is probably going to be deported from Iran to Afghanistan.

The Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers
24 June 2009

Translated by Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network