We condemn the sacking of Iran Khodro workers

Leaflet produced in Iran condemning the sacking of 16 workers in the Khodro car factory.


Freedom-loving people!

The wave of redundancies and sackings by the capitalists is threating the life of workers. The manager of Iran Khodro car factory recently acted against the workers by firing 16 of them. The reason for this was the workers’ protest against the scrapping of the night-shift bonus. The bonus was stopped after a work speed-up and a cut in workers’ rest periods.

We strongly condemn the sacking of these workers and support their demand for an immediate return to work.

[This is the translation of a leaflet produced by a group of workers in Iran. It was signed by several hundred workers in Iran, and has also been backed by the following workers and trade unionists around the world]

Paolo Brini, Central Committee Fiom Cgil
Orlando Maviglia, regional committee Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
Davide Bacchelli, provincial committee Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Giampiero Montanari, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil
Ivan Serra, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil, Bologna
Domenico Minadeo, chemical shopsteward, Filcea Cgil, Imola
Fabrizio Parlagreco, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Nunzio Vurchio, metal shopsteward Fiom Cgil Milano
Massimo Cavallotti, services shopsteward Filmcams Cgil Milano
Samira Giulitti, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Sara Cimarelli, insurance shopsteward Fisac Cigil Milano
Laura Parozzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Antonio Forlano, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Pino Marazzi, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Laura Bassanetti, transport shopsteward Filt Cgil Milano
Silvia Ruggieri, call center shopsteward Nidil Cgil Roma
Stefano Pol, national committee, Nidil Cgil
Paolo Grassi, provincial committee, Nidil Cgil, Milano

From Greece:

Stelios Dafnis, Member of the Executive Committee of Athens Trade Council.
Tsitonis Takis, Member of Executive committee of Archaeological Workers’ Union.
Dimarogonas Dimos Member of Executive Committee of Greek Federation of Unions in Culture Ministry
Nikakis Dimitris, Vice president of the workers union of commercial shops
Nikolaou Martha,Member of the Executive committee of the workers union of commercial shops
Polatos Dionisios, Member of the executive committee of the union of the workers at shipyard belt
Milonas Elias, Olympic Catering unionist.
Thanos George, Olympic Airways unionist.
Karigianis Leonidas, Member of the committee of unemployment of Athens Trade Council
Voulis Dimitris, Ex-president of the union of the workers at the National Ambulance Service


Miguel Rubio, former convenor of the Metal Workers Union of Diamant Boart (CMB-FGTB)
Mischa Van Herck, member of the Socialist Party Antwerp and trainer in the Socialist Trade Union, the ABVV,
Fabian Defraine, Independent Socialist Councillor in Tubize,
Roland Vanderbeke, member of the Executive of the Socialist Public Services Union, Oostende (ACOD)
Erik De Bruyn, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of Antwerp (ACOD)
Lin Van Rompaey, shop steward Socialist Public Services Union, City of Antwerp (ACOD),
André Gonsalis, chairman of the Public Services Union, Veurne branch and Shop Steward of the Teachers’ Union (ACOD)
Bart Desmet, shop steward, Public Transport Union, (ACOD)


Nigel Pearce, NEC member, NUM
Phil Waker, NEC member, CWU
Rachael Webb, Branch Secretary 1/888 RTC, TGWU
Ian Woodland, Branch Secretary 2/195 RTC, TGWU
Des Heemskerk, Amicus Media and Campaigns Officer, [Personal Capacity]
Peter Currall, Convenor, Corus Tubes Corby, AEEU
Phil Willis, Construction Shop Steward, Heathrow Terminal 5, Amicus-AEEU
Espe Espigares, Shop Steward, Amicus-AEEU
Rachel Heemskerk, PCS Shop Steward

Joannes Stykki, member of the board of the postal workers club, Copenhagen (Noerrbro)
Lasse Bertelsen, member of the extended board of the painters union, Copenhagen


1.Manzoor Razi (Railway Workers Union)
2. Mohammad Ahmad Warsi (Postal Workers Union)
3. Mirza Maqsood Ahmad (Mazdoor Mahaz-E-Ammal)
4. Dhani Bux Samon (Pakistan Steel Mills)
5. Naveed Aftab (Pakistan Steel Mills)
6. Parshotam (Pakistan Para Medical Staff Union)
7. Liaqat Sahee (State Bank Of Pakistan Union)
8. Sheikh Majeed (Pakistan International Airlines & Peoples Labour Beauro)
9. Manzoor Badayooni (Karachi Metro Politan Corporation Union)
10. Naeem Gull Advocate (Peoples Lawyers 6Forum)
11. Azam Azmati Advocate (Peoples Lawyers Forum)
12. Mohammad Zaheer Khan (Peoples Lawyers Forum)
13. Ghulam Mohammad Phawan (Sui Gas Department Union)
14. Shanker (Union Of Journalists)
15. Sanwal Sheikh (Union Of Journalists).
17. Nisar Chandeo (APT)
18. Rasool Bux (Paramedics)
19. Wali Mohammad Kosa (Para Medics)
20. Abid Salawat (Hyder Abad Development Authority Employees Union)
21. Easer Das
22. Khalid Noor Sheikh (All Pakistan Clerks Association)
23. Mohammad Ali (All Pakistan Clerks Association)
24. Pir Mohammad (Sindhi Electricity Department).
25. Idrees Shah (Paramedics Union)
26. Ghulam Nabee Awan (Pakistan Railways).
27. Ghulam Hussain Peasants Workers Union (Central President)
28. Dr. Shaidar
29. Nazeer
30. Mohammad Iqbal Kirmani (Karachi Port Trust).
31. Hameed Khan (Civil Secretariat Employees Union)
32. Nazar Maingal (Post Office Union)
33. Abdul Qadir Shaheen (Chairman Peoples Labour Beauro)
34. Shahida Jabeen (Info Secretary PPPP Women Wing)
35. Sajid Hussain (Syed Bhais Workers Union)
36. Mohammad Zahid (Syed Bhais Workers Union)
37. Mohammad Ilyas (Syed Bhais Workers Union)
38. Baber Kasuri (Pakistan Telecommunication)
39. Iftikhar Haider Jhatla (Pakistan Telecommunication)
40. Irshad (Electricity Dept)
41. Sajid Naeem Shoreeda (Teachers Association)
42. Yasir Irshad (JKNSF)
43. Zohaib (JKNSF)
44. Adil (JKNSF)
45. Shujat Kazmi (Jamu Kashmir National Student Federation)
46. Masood (Jamu Kashmir Student Liberation front)
47. Amir Razzaq (JKSLF)
48. Haider (Paramedics)
49. Sajjad Hussain (Textile Workers Union)
50. Iqbal Jellany (Power Looms Workers Union)
51. Adil (Pyo) President Faisalabad.
52. Akram (Peoples Youth Organization)
53. Mohammad Tariq Rasheed (Pakistan Poeples Party President Distt Kasur)
55. Sadar Zahra (Pyo) City President Lahore.
56. Javed Hashmir Advocate (Peoples Lawyers Forum)
57. Syed Karar Haider Shah (Pyo) President Khanaiwal
58. Anwar Phanwar (Organizer Ptudc Sindh)
59. Tariq Chaudhary,MEPCO Multan)
60. Shahwali Raajpoot (President Staff union [CBA]MDA)
61. Mujahid Pasha(President Wasa Workers Union)
62. Shehzad Ayub(Unilever Field Workers Association)
63. Javed Iqbal
64. Murtaza Shah (PTCL)
65. Riyaz Ghalib(Railway)
66. Allah Dita Qalandari(Railway)
67. Iqbal Shaad(Railway Worker Union)
68. Ibraheem Khosa (President People,S Unity,[PIA])
69. Javed Sanghaira (President Apca Multan)
70. Habibullah Shakir (Distt President PPP)
71. Malik Bashir (President Peoples,S Labor Beauro)
72. Akhtar Shah (G/S Peoples Beauro Distt Multan)
73. Aslam Ansari (Power Looms Association)
74. Zulifqar Noori (President Punjab Teacher's Union Multan)
75. Islamudin Aadil (President PPP Study Circle Wing)
76. Asif Kareem (G/S PPP Study Circle Wing Multan Distt)
77. Naeem Ansari (Labour Councilor U/C No.32)