The Russian Revolution

Communists against Stalin: the massacre of a generation – Preface to the book

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 25 November 2016

Trotskyist Left Opposition 1927 Public DomainBelow we publish the introduction to the first Italian edition of Pierre Broué’s book, Communists against Stalin: the massacre of a generation.


The Truth about Stalin - a Reply to the Morning Star

Written by Alan Woods Tuesday, 08 November 2016

Stalin Trotsky front cover cropOn Monday 17 October, the Morning Star published a review of the new edition of Trotsky’s biography of Stalin written by Andrew Murray. While admitting that “this book has literary and historical merit,” Murray states that “it has much less as an actual biography of Stalin”. How does he justify these claims?


The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October

Written by Alan Woods Monday, 07 November 2016


Today is the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, an event which altered the entire course of human history. For the first time - if we exclude the brief but glorious episode of the Paris Commune - the working people took power into their own hands and began the gigantic task of the socialist re-construction of society. Here we republish an article written in 1992 by Alan Woods. The article gives an excellent overview of the revolution as well as highlighting its main lessons.


80 years on: The Trotskyists in Stalin's concentration camps - An eyewitness account of the strike at Vorkuta

Written by MB Thursday, 27 October 2016

As the year draws to an end we would like to remember all those thousands of genuine Communists who perished in Stalin’s camps, butchered simply for defending the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky. Old Bolsheviks like Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin were forced to confess to crimes they had not committed. These famous victims were only the tip of the iceberg. Not remembered are the thousands of Trotskyists who languished in brutal concentration camps. They were brave and defiant to the end. The difference with the Trotskyists was that Stalin’s agents could not get them to confess to false crimes, so they were never brought to trial but just callously executed and buried in the wastes.


The Revolution Betrayed – a Marxist masterpiece

Written by Alan Woods Friday, 26 June 2015

Optimized-RevBetrayedAd2This week Wellred Books, the publishing house of the IMT, is for the first time publishing The Revolution Betrayed by Leon Trotsky. Trotsky's masterful analysis of the Soviet Union, written during degeneration in the 1930s, provides both an excellent rebuttal to right-wing critiques of socialism "in practice" and many lessons for the success of future revolutions. We publish here Alan Woods' introduction to the new edition. Order your copy now from Wellred Books.


97th anniversary of the russian revolution

Written by International Marxist Tendency Friday, 07 November 2014

Lenin-Trotsky 1920-05-20 Sverdlov Square-highlightOn the 97th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we commemorate this great event by recommending three works of Ted Grant and Alan Woods: Russia: from Revolution to Counter-Revolution by Ted Grant (1997), The Meaning of October by Alan Woods (November 1992) and Russian revolution: 50 Years after by Ted Grant (November 1967).


Bolshevism and the Arab Revolution

Written by Alan Woods Wednesday, 25 June 2014

russian-revolution-thFrom a Marxist point of view, the Bolshevik Revolution was the greatest single event in world history. Why? Because here, for the first time, if we exclude the heroic but tragic episode of the Paris Commune, the masses overthrew the old regime and began the great task of the socialist transformation of society.


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