Russian Marxist leaflet: Unite!

We are publishing this English translation of a leaflet produced by the comrades of Brag Kapitala in Russia on the occasions of the recent protests against the blatant rigging of many of the results declared in the recent presidential elections.

We worked as observers at the polling stations and tried to keep under watch what was happening in the picture transmissions from webcams (this year, every polling station was equipped with web-cameras). We listened to the stories of people we met, teachers and doctors, who had (were made) to vote for Putin. And we declare here and now that what we observed was a farce, a mockery of the words “democracy” and “elections”. We came out here to express our protest. There are lots of us, but not enough to win. Tomorrow we will increase in numbers.

How can this be achieved? It is very simple. Tomorrow morning gather your work and classmates together in halls, smoking rooms, auditoriums, anywhere. Gather your neighbours. Come out to the street together. Organize in squads, councils, workshops and house committees for the effectiveness of the united fight. Together we can force them to cancel the rigged election results. But that requires a general political strike. Not a single cogwheel would turn without us, the ordinary working people, in this world. Putin cannot drive the trams. Medvedev cannot stand at the lathe. Poltavchenko will not come out to sweep the streets.

As soon as the economy rises, the last days of the regime will come. But not just that. The last days of the old world will also come. Because we are not obliged to give power to the old tricksters, or look for new rogues. To all those who claim to represent our interests we say “Please, don't (Just don't)! We can do it ourselves.” Once united into groups, committees and councils at the grassroots level, we will be able to organize our lives ourselves, without the slaves and their masters. We can democratically transform the economy for the planned production of goods and consumer products for the working majority, organize democratic governance and equitable distribution. In doing so, we will create the conditions for the creative self-achievement of all.

This may seem fanciful, but this programme is more real than Putin's economic projects. It needs a little effort for its realisation: our own organization, our united actions! Together we are an invincible power!

Create committees and councils (soviets) in industry!

Unite into collective self-defence squads!

Prepare a general political strike!