Revolutionary solidarity across Kashmir Line of Control

Protests have been organized by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) in Pakistani-held Kashmir to express solidarity with the revolutionary movement in Indian-held Kashmir.

On September 16 protests and rallies were held in four cities of Pakistani-held Kashmir by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation JKNSF to express solidarity with the revolutionary movement of youth of Indian-held Kashmir.

In Rawlakot the rally was led by JKNSF central president, Amjad Shahswar, in which hundreds of students and youth participated. Participants of the rally raised slogans against State terrorism of the Indian State against these innocent youth. The slogans were “Revolutionary Youth move forward, We are with you”, “Only way to freedom, Class War, Class War”, “Uniform is behind this terrorism” and others. The rally marched round the whole city and reached the Al Zaheer crossing where it turned into a public meeting.

Protests in Kotli, KashmirProtests in Kotli, Kashmir Speakers addressing the meeting said that the current movement in Kashmir is different from all the previous movements. It has rejected all the methods of the past and is moving along revolutionary lines. Despite all the State terrorism this movement is moving forward and we send a Red Salute to the valour and courage of these youth and we send them the message that you keep moving forward there and we will move forward here on this side of the Line of Control. We will fight this war along scientific lines and will link it with the workers of India and Pakistan and move forward to end this capitalist system. This is the only way to get freedom for Kashmir.

The speakers gave complete support to this movement and condemned the military repression carried out by the Indian Army. Speakers vowed to continue their struggle till socialist victory.

Protest in Rawalpindi in Punjab.Protest in Rawalpindi in Punjab. Those who addressed the rally were Amjad Shahswar, Senior Vice-President Iftikhar Sarwar JKNSF, Zahid Iqbal Member of the Central Committee of the JKNSF, Basharat Ali, District President and others, while the District Secretary General, Khalil Babar, was the stage Secretary. Prior to this event a torch bearing rally was also held by the JKNSF on September 2 on the same issue.

In Kotli a protest demonstration was also held which started out from Khoiratta Bazar and slogans of “Inqilab, Inqilab, socialist Inqilab” were raised. Also slogans of “No to National War, No to Religious war, only class war” were raised.

Protest in Lahore.Protest in Lahore. After the demonstration a meeting was held at Main Chowk in which comrade Waseem was the stage secretary. Those who addressed the meeting were comrades Imran, Bilal, Mubashhar, Jahangir, Adnan, Saqib and Rizwan. The speakers said that this movement is based on economic demands like unemployment and price hikes, but the media and Indian State is trying to portray it as a movement on nationalist and religious lines. They said that the stooges of the Pakistani and Indian states are again playing their role in trying to derail this movement along religious lines, but the real character of this movement is different and the youth demands employment and their basic rights. They explained that for the youth freedom means the right to education, healthcare, employment and other basic necessities. They said that these rights are not possible in a capitalist system and only through a socialist revolution can we overthrow the chains of slavery.

Protests were also held in the Muzzaffarabad and Bagh areas of Pakistani-held Kashmir. In Muzzaffrabad Vice-President of the JKNSF, Rashid Sheikh, led the rally and protest.

On September 20, the JKNSF is holding protests for solidarity in different cities of Pakistan.

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