[Updated] Reports from the international day of solidarity with Iranian workers

We publish here some reports of the pickets from the international day of solidarity with Iranian workers on Friday, June 26.

Vancouver, Canada

IWSN and Fightback activists were present at the joint union picket organised by the Vancouver & District Labour council in support of jailed labour activists in Iran. About 150 people were there, including a large contingent from the Iranian community.

The speakers included NDP MP Libby Davies, and a number of Iranian activists. Flyers in English and in Farsi, highlighting the plight of Iranian workers, were distributed.

Free all jailed workers now!
The right to strike is an absolute right!

Brussels, Belgium

BrusselsIWSN activists were present at the joint union picket with Amnesty International in Brussel, known under the name of 'Justice for Iranian workers'. Leaders from the socialist, Christian and liberal unions were present as well as the representatives of the International Transport Federation and the ICFTU. There were also many Iranian exiles and trade unionists present.

At the initiative of IWSN activists in the socialist union of the Flemish University of Brussels (ACOD - Vrije Universiteit Brussel), a delegation of rank-and-file workers and shop stewards was also present (see photo with ACOD banner). The council workers' union of Brussels (CGSP ALR) also sent a delegation. Many demonstrators accepted our placards with the slogans of the IWSN campaign as you can see from the photos.

BrusselsWe also distributed a leaflet of the IMT explaining the the meaning of the uprising in Iran. The IWSN handbook of was also sold. Some youth contacted us to organise new demonstrations against the dictatorship. In the next days we will continue to be present at the protest actions.

Free all jailed workers now!
The right to strike is an absolute right!





London, Britain

A number of IWSN activists took part in the picket called initially by the ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation), EI (Education International), ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation), IUF (International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations), four global union organisations representing over 170 million workers, is part of an ongoing campaign that will eventually help Iranian workers win their full trade union and human rights.


Over 150 British trade unionists, labour activists and socialists, and their Iranian counterparts, picketed the Iranian embassy for over an hour. In addition to chanting slogans in support of the May Day detainees, labour activists and all those struggling against the regime. Representatives from various groups and committees delivered brief speeches about the situation of the working class and the repression of the post-election movement in Iran (the IWSN speech was based on our leaflet).

Representatives from the Trades Union Congress, the ITF and Amnesty International tried to hand over 16,000 cards signed by trade unionists and other people supporting the workers' struggle to set up trade unions and defend their jobs, pay and conditions, to the embassy. Rattled by the response to its trampling on basic human rights in Iran the embassy refused to accept the cards or even allow them to be left on the steps outside!


We hope that similar days of action are organised in the near future to unite all forces who defend the workers' struggle in Iran.

Free all jailed workers now!
The right to strike is an absolute right!

TUC video of the picket.

Copenhagen, Denmark

CopenhagenFriday June 26, around 250 gathered in front of the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen. The demonstration was organised by IWSN in cooperation with the Initiative for Solidarity with the Iranian Trade Unions and the Struggle for Justice, and supported by a number of trade unions as well as Amnesty International.

The protestors were welcomed by Jamal Tabari, a Metal Worker and shop steward. Further on a young metal worker read out messages of solidarity from the Danish TUC, the Metal Workers Union, HK (retail trade and office employees union), FOA (public sector workers’ union). The biggest trade union in Denmark, 3F, sent their international secretary Sune Bøgh to deliver a speech.

CopenhagenDemonstrators chanted slogans in Danish and Farsi. Among the slogans were “Down with the dictatorship”, “Freedom for all political prisoners”, “Down with the Islamic Republic in Iran”, “Down with the anti-women regime” and “Death to Khamenei”.

Frederik Ohsten, editor of the Marxist journal Socialistisk Standpunkt and active in IWSN, said in his speech that there is no regime in the world that can survive when a mass movement of ordinary people says “Stop! We had enough!”

CopenhagenHe pointed out, that the tactics pursued by Mousavi and other leaders have failed disastrously. He stressed that the working class is the key, and that a constituent assembly can be called by the means of a general strike to overthrow the despotic regime.

Activists supporting the Marxist tendency in SF (Socialist Peoples’ Party) intervened in the gathering and sold 25 copies of Socialistisk Standpunkt. Many workers present expressed their joy about the speech delivered by the representative of the tendency.

CopenhagenJamal Tabari concluded the demonstration by thanking the participants and the organisations arranging the gathering. Special thanks were given to the trade unions that supported the demonstration. The participants shouted angry slogans at the embassy. Again and again they shouted the slogan “Death to the Islamic Republic!”




Vienna, Austria

IWSN and Der Funke activists were present at a joint union picket with the trade union VIDA youth and Amnesty International.


Mainz, Germany

Comrades and supporters of the IWSN in Germany joined the solidarity demo in Mainz on Friday and distributed leaflets there.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

A meeting was held in Sao Paolo on Saturday, 27 June, in solidarity with Iranian workers.

Statement by Iranian trade unions

Four international trade union organisations (ITUC, ITF, IUF and EI) have declared 26 June as the international day of solidarity with Iranian workers to support their struggle for their basic rights. Members of these confederations around the world will organize practical support towards workers in Iran on this day.

This declaration of international solidarity with Iranian workers is a significant historical moment in the struggles of the international workers’ movement to achieve human rights for workers around world. It would certainly play a significant role in advancing the struggles of the workers in Iran. Moreover this action would further deepen the international unity and solidarity of the working class throughout the world.

We the undersigned wholeheartedly support this international unity initiative. We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the organizers of the action day and wish to warmly shake hands with you. We send our sincere greetings to the workers of the world in each and every unions.

Long live international solidarity,

25 June 2009

Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company
Union of Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Workers
Free Union of Iranian Workers
The Collaborative Council of Labour Organizations and Activists
Kermanshah Electricity and Metal Society
Khameneh Textile Workers;
Workers of Sanandaj Par-Ris Factory;
Workers of Rugs West Factory
Kurdestan Textile Workers
Sanandaj Shin-Baaft Textile Factory;
Workers of Shahoo Companies
Kurdistan Textile Gharb-Baaft [Textile Company];
Pak Ara Milk
Workers Brick Shell Company
Sama Gunnysack Makers Fajr Flour
Niroo Raksh [Power Company]
Service Workers of Sanandaj Tohid Hospital;
Group of Sanandaj retirees; _Workers of West Kermanshah Carpet Company;
Group of Kian Tyre (Alborz) Workers;
Group of workers and activists in Marivan city
Group of workers and activists in Kamyaran city
Group of workers and activists in Mashhad
Workers of Car Glass
Group of workers of Metal factories _Workers of Yarag Alam Ghom Company