Report from May Day in Pakistan

On May Day 2010 rallies, seminars and processions were organised by the PTUDC (Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign) in 52 cities across Pakistan. This shows the degree to which more and more workers, peasants and youth are looking for a revolutionary alternative to capitalism in the country. We provide reports from some of the cities and towns where comrades from the PTUDC and the BNT organised programmes in order to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago.



On 1st May a big rally was organized from the PTUDC office in which a large number of workers participated. The biggest group that joined the rally was that of the Shoe Makers Union led by comrade Hardil Kumar. Workers from KPT (Karachi Port Trust), Pakistan Steels, Metropolitan Steel, Post Office and activists from JKNSF and BNT participated in the rally. The rally was echoing with slogans paying tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and against poverty, unemployment and privatization and red banners and posters were present all over the rally.

Amongst the participants were PLI Union general secretary Qammar Abbas, PC Hotel workers’ union President Ghulam Mehboob, Aamir Shah from HBFC, PTUDC President Riaz Hussain Lund Baloch, PTUDC Sindh general secretary Zubair ur Rehman, PTUDC Karachi general secretary Akbar Memon, Khuda Bax Baloch, M.A. Warsi, Kaleem Shaukat from JKNSF and Jamshed from PPP Orangi Town.

The rally reached the Press Club and there joined the KESC Labour Union meeting. A book stall was organized at the meeting by PTUDC and the latest issue of “The Struggle” was sold along with other publications, posters and leaflets. The first speaker Karmat Hussain, who is PTUDC Karachi president and KESC Labour Union publicity secretary, explained the significance of May Day. He criticized the policies of the present government which are attacking the working class. The meeting was chaired by KESC Labour Union Chairman Muhammad Ikhlas. Amongst the speakers were President Sindh Bar Association Rasheed A. Rizvi, Mushahid Ullah Khan, Press Club secretary A.H Khanzada and others. Comrade Karmat forwarded many resolutions which were unanimously approved. The demands included: end to the Privatization of KESC and all other institutions and restorations of sacked workers from KESC.


(Report by comrade Rahul)

As in the other cities in the country, PTUDC Hyderabad also organized a rally in order to commemorate the sacrifice of the martyrs of Chicago. The rally was joined by the workers of Railway Union, APCA (All Pakistan Clerk Association), All Hyderabad Glass Industries, Mehran Workers’ Union, Mehran Workers’ Federation and workers from many local factories and mills. Comrades from the BNT also participated with revolutionary spirit.

Participants from different areas reached Hyder Chowk in the form of convoys to join the rally. Comrade Jam Saqi along with comrade Jay Parkash, comrade Easer Das and many other comrades and workers and female labourers participated in the rally. Participants from Pakistan Railway Workers’ Union were led by Ghulam Sarwer Mughal. APCA contingent was led by Sheikh Zulfiqar and participants from Talhar were led by comrade Gopal. Workers from Wapda House led by comrade Ramesh also joined the rally afterwards. Raess Gaddi along with other Bangle Workers, members of Mehran Labor Federation led by comrade Ghulam Rasool, Pakistan Workers Federation led by comrade Peer Muhammad, workers from Dadex Factory led by Akhtar Ali, Dawn Bread Factory workers led by Jabbar Shoro and many women from Kotri industrial area also joined the rally. About 1000 people participated in the rally overall. Participants were holding red flags, placards and banners and were raising slogans against the policies of current government.

When the rally reached Hyderabad Press Club with revolutionary enthusiasm, it transformed into a procession. Comrade Jam Saqi, comrade Hareesh (editor of Sindhi The Struggle), Raees Gaddi, Akhtar Ghulam Ali, comrade Peer Muhammad, Ateeq Laghari(PTCL Lines Unity), comrade Ghulam Rasool, comrade Haneef Masrani (BNT) addressed the rally and paid red regards to the martyrs of Chicago. Speakers said that the same revolutionary spirit was needed at present in order to fight against capitalism and imperialism. Participants raised slogans condemning the 12% Share policy of PPP government and speakers resembled it with a sweet poison and an illusion shown to the workers. Comrades in their speeches explained that only socialism can save humanity from barbarism and destruction. Participants at the end chanted slogans in the favor of socialist Revolution.


(Report by comrade Zia)

At the May Day Rally at Dadu, participants raised slogans against privatization, load shedding and unemployment.

In order to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago PTUDC Dadu organized a rally. Participants marched from Municipal Park to Press Club. Rally was organized in order to condemn policies of PPP government which are resulting in price hike, unemployment, load shedding and privatization. 500 Workers and comrades from Rickshaw Union, BNT, YFIS, Hotel Workers’ Union, Cart Union, Para Medical Staff Union, APCA, Teachers’ Union, Hydro Electric Central Labor Union, Highways Labor Union, Municipal Workers’ Union and Lower Staff Union participated in the rally. Members of state backed Labor Bureau also tried to join the rally. Comrade Anwar Panhwar(President PTUDC Sindh), comrade Zameer Korejo (PTUDC Dadu), Chacha Ghulam Qadir (President Hotel Workers Union), comrade Moriel Panhwar (President PTUDC Dadu), comrade Abbas Waghio (President Rickshaw Union) in their speeches condemned the anti working class policies of PPP government as dictated by imperialism. They said that Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave his life away but never compromised with US imperialism and they (while pointing towards state labour bureau members) are sitting in the lap of imperialism.

Participants demanded to fix the minimum wages equal to the value of 12 grams of gold. They said the it’s time to start a revolutionary moment which would only end with a successful socialist revolution.


(Report by comrade Amjad Lakhair)

On May Day many rallies were organized by different trade unions and student organizations. At 6pm a programme was organized by PLB Larkana at Jinnah Garden in which workers from Rikshaw Union, Beeri Mazdoor Union, Paramedical Union, CMC, PTCL and Taxi Union participated. Students from Chandka Medical College were also present there. Comrades from YFIS distributed leaflets and other study material.

Dr. Najeeb Kashir (PTUDC) addressed the audience and said that recent PPP government has failed to give any relief to the masses and is being exposed rapidly in front of working class. Price hike, unemployment, load shedding and terrorism have made the life of a common man miserable. Only socialism can solve the problems faced by humanity at present. Workers of the whole country and the whole world should get united on a single platform in order to start an organized struggle for a socialist revolution.

Khairpur Nathan Shah

(Report by comrade Naveed Bhatti)

To celebrate International Workers’ Day and to pay tribute to the Chicago martyrs a rally was organized by PTUDC, YFIS, Brick-Kiln Workers’ Alliance and Hamali Labour Alliance. The rally marched from the Baloch Petrol Pump till primary School. As the rally moved through the city the slogans were raised like “Red salute to martyrs of Chicago”, “down with price hike, load shedding, unemployment, lawlessness, privatization, capitalism, VAT and anti-worker policies” and people joined the rally in huge numbers. In the end the rally turned into a public meeting in front of the press club. Comrade Aftab Chandiyo and comrade Asif Lakheer from YFIS said in their address that 124 years ago workers in Chicago sacrificed their lives to give a message to coming generations. The role of capitalism has not changed and it continues to bring misery for the workers.

The leader of Hamali workers Wazir Gandhi said that he pays red salute to Chicago workers because that is a symbol of working class struggle and the working class of the whole world should unite in a revolution. Brick-Kiln workers’ leader Muhammad Bax Gadhi said that the workers build this system but their lives are miserable. People’s Labour Bureau leader Muhammad Saleh said that a tiny minority, the ruling class, is sucking the blood of the majority of the people. He said that the PPP government has delivered nothing for the people except hunger, price hikes and misery. Nationalist leader Naseer Somro said that the capitalists are exploiting the working class of Sindh like everywhere else in the world and Sindhi workers should join their forces with the workers of the world.

In the end leader of BNT Ijaz Bhaghiyo said that capitalism has nothing to offer to the masses and the only solution is socialism. We must organize because we have nothing to lose but our chains and a world to win.


(Report by comrade Gulsher Panhwar)

A programme was organized by PTUDC in Johi Community centre to pay tribute to the workers of Chicago. The programme was chaired by comrade Allahwrayo and presided by comrade Ghulam Shabbir Rustamani. Comrade Amin Laghari delivered the opening speech. The programme was attended by great number of workers, labour activists and leaders. The guests included President Labour Bureau Johi Comrade Khadim Hussain Khoso, Comrade Hameed Somro, PTUDC Sindh President Comrade Anwar Panhawar and Ghaus Bakhash Jathyal. Chief Guest was Bashir Ahmed Thaeem Vice President PPP district Dadu. Comrade Saddam Kashkheli exposed the attacks of the Ruling class against the workers and said that if the PPP does not return to its original Socialist manifesto not a single problem could be solved. Comrade Khadim Khoso said that the blood of martyred workers will not go in vain. Comrade Jumman Bahatoo exposed the inequalities in the present health care system, explained the principals of Marxist economy in a very simple way and said that without establishment of socialist society the humanity cannot attain its true status. Ghaus Bax Jhathyal demanded, that local population should be given employment in the industries nearby. Comrade Hameed Somro said that the democratic government has increased the price of petroleum on the May Day. It’s written in the constitution of 1973 that state is responsible for providing education and health. He said that people have voted PPP into government now they are disappointed and we have to struggle for a socialist society based on soviets.

Comrade Anwar Panhawar said that we are celebrating May Day for the achievement of their goal. Millions in Pakistan living in miserable poverty, and dying painful deaths because of to unavailability of healthcare. The government is shameless in saying that they have given employment; yes there is employment and that of finding bits of food from garbage. The PPP government has not delivered on a single point mentioned in its election manifesto. He said that history is merciless and sooner or later the real faces get exposed. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave the programme of socialism and nobody can deny that. He said that there is no hope for the working class in Capitalism and we have to organize for the establishment of a socialist society. The programme was concluded by the speech of Comrade Shabbir Rustamani.


(Report By Ayaz Soomoro)

Shahdadkot has a long history of class struggle and has been a hub of Marxist ideology. However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the workers’ struggle here had a setback. Comrades of PTUDC are working here to revive the true ideology of Marxism for last few years. On 2nd April comrades were invited to the convention of the Rice Factory where comrades put the positions of revolutionary socialism. On 23rd April the annual elections of Mushtaraka Mahaz Trade Union Mazdoor Federation (that represents 26 trade unions in the city) were held in which comrade Sarfraz Chilgri was elected as Executive member while Comrade Ghulam Ullah was elected finance secretary.

On May Day a rally was held by Mazdoor Federation from the Labour Hall to Koto Moto Chowk where it turned into a public meeting in which nearly 700 workers participated. Provincial President of BNT Ejaz Bhagio and Ghulam Ullah from PTUDC also addressed the meeting. Among other speakers were Urs Selro, Qurban, Wahab Pandrani and Rahimdad. Meeting ended with the revolutionary slogans of comrades.

Another protest of nearly 150 unemployed youth was being held on May Day in which comrades of the BNT participated and led it with their revolutionary slogans. Comrade Zafar Imam led this protest against the anti-labour and anti-employment policies of Sindh Government.

Thari Mir Wah

(Report by Comrade Sharjeel Shar)

On May Day a meeting was held in Handiari office of BNT and then a rally was organised from Handiari to Thari Mir Wah. Meeting was presided by president of PTUDC Thari Mir Wah Deedar Shar. Others who addressed the rally were Ghulam Haider Khaskheli, PPP leader All Warayo, Qadir Advocate, Comrade Hakim and Comrade Zameer from YFIS, cormade Manzoor and comrade Aslam from BNT and Shahid Shar and Ali Baba from PTUDC. Comrade Sharjeel Shar gave the final speech and paid tribute to martyrs of Chicago.

Gulab Leghari

A big rally was organised on May Day in which nearly 500 workers and youth participated which started from Hyderabad Mor and ended at Aghamano Chowk where it turned into a public meeting. Comrades from Tando Ali participated in big numbers in this rally which included comrade Ali Taqi Shah, Mukhtiar Raja, Pakhi Lal, Doctor Dev Jee and others. Also there were peasants in large numbers led by Gul Muhamamd Zanuor and Mir Muhammad Zanuor. Stage Secretary of the meeting was Danish Mansoor while comrade Karim Laeghari and Maqbool Leghari addressed the meeting.

May Day activities by the PTUDC were held in four other cities and towns of Sindh

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South Punjab


(Report by comrade Qamar-uz-Zaman Khan)

Addressing the May Day rally in Sadiqabad the Vice Chairman of PTUDC Qamar uz Zaman Khan said that the current economic system has failed; democracy has become a tool for safeguarding the interests of the rich. He said that the struggle which the Chicago Martyrs started will continue till the establishment of a workers’ democracy through a Socialist Revolution. FFC Employees Union General Secretary Rao Tahir Said that the working class will keep on suffering as long as it does not gain economic freedom. The Zonal Chairman of Punjab Highway Union Habib Chandiya said that all the measures announced by the government for the workers are a malicious attempt to stop the class struggle and the revolution.

PTUDC district president Abbas Taj said that false announcements and slogans by the government are like adding to the injuries of the working class. Zafar Hussain, the General Secretary of the Revolutionary Sanitary Workers said that those who clean the dirt of the society must have unity amongst themselves in order to fight the filthy ruling class. Representative of eunuchs, Iqbal, said that the class system has turned the workers into beggars and they are not given equal rights, though they are citizens of this country.

Jam Abdul Samad Advocate said that the only way to achieve a respectable status for the working class is to defeat imperialism by the international labour movement. The President of United Ethanol Union, Jehanzeb Babar, said that all political parties are accomplices in the economic murder of the workers. Nawab Din Lashari said that the enemies of the workers feel threatened by the May Day programme.

Representative of feeder teachers, Sajjad Farooqi, said that feeder teachers are paid the shameful wages of Rs.83 a day. The president of street hawkers, Muhammad Sharif said that they don’t accept the forced closure of their business by the government at 8pm. Ex president of the Sadiqabad Bar Association said that as long as the workers don’t get their rights there can be no prosperity. Al Sadaqat Employees Union CBA United Sugar Mills President Chaudary Muhammad Ashraf encouraged the participants of the meeting to accelerate their struggle. The meeting was chaired by Shahid Azar and numerous resolutions were passed address the problems and demands of all the workers.

Rallies from many workers’, youth and student organizations started form their factories and institutions and joined the main rally organized by the PTUDC. Amongst them was the rally from Employees Union Fauji Fertilizer, Bagging and Loading contractors CBA led by President Galla Muhammad Katta, Action Committee of dismissed workers Fauji Fertilizer Company led by Mullah Hayat, Progressive Youth Organization led by Shaikh Wahid, WAPDA Hydro Union led by Imtiaz Hussain and Safdar Bhatti, Ittefaq Workers Union, Fruit sellers union led by Muhammad Sharif, Revolutionary Sanitary workers labour union led by Chairman Sajjan Masih, People’s Youth Organization led by District president Khawar Bajwa and District Vice President Rai Lakhhan, Inter Faith Peace Committee led by Tehsil President Muhammad Ajmal, United Ethanol workers’ led by Muhammad Babar Jehanzeb, Young Fighters led by Rana Tassawar Hussain, People’s Party farmers from ward 297 led by Raees Muhammad Akram, Lawyers led by Punjab High Court (Bahawalpur bench) Bar Association President Muhammad Aslam Dhakkar, Bar Association President Adnan Mustafa and former President Khalid bin Saeed, PPP rally led by Tehsil President Dr. Munir Ahmed and General Secretary Majeed Baloch, Christian Colony youth led by Malik Idrees, Revolutionary Rickshaw Union led by Nadeem Butt and FFC rally led by Molvi Ghafoor. The Rally was full of slogans like “Red salute to the martyrs of Chicago”, “down with Capitalism, down with Feudalism” and against the price hike in flour, electricity, sugar and petroleum products. The path of rally up to the meeting place was decorated with red flags bearing hammer and sickle and revolutionary banners and posters.

Rahim Yar Khan

(Report by comrade Mehmood-ul-Hassan)

Under the banner of PTUDC a huge workers’ procession was organized in Old Vegetable Market with a title of “War against price hikes, load shedding and unemployment”. Trade unions from all over the district participated in the form of rallies. It was chaired by senior labour leader Abdul Qayyum Laghari while famous intellectual Dr. Aslam Naro, Chaudhry Irfan Abdullah Gujjar (Divisional President PPP) and Javed Akbar Dhiloon (MP PPP) were invited as chief guests.

Comrade Haider Chughtai (Divisional Secretary PLB) said that the struggle of the martyrs of Chicago is continued to the moment as workers are still being exploited. Issues of load shedding, illiteracy, poverty and unemployment can’t be solved under capitalism and here we openly declare a war against feudalism and capitalism. He also demanded the reinstatement of the workers sacked by Unilever.

Akram Bhatti in his speech said that rights are not given on request but they are won in struggle and workers should get united in the struggle for their rights. He said that he was standing by the workers in their fight.

Comrade Mehmod-ul-Hassan (Organizer PTUDC RYK) said that huge crowd present there was the proof that workers are getting united in the fight against capitalism. We will make this unity stronger on the platform of Labour Action Committee. He condemned officers of WAPDA for not altering the schedule of load shedding for the procession. Ahmad Khokar (President Unilever Union) said that the struggle for the reinstatement of sacked workers will continue till success and nothing can stop it. Naeem Mahandra (Chairman Workers’ Welfare RYK) said that government should fulfil its promise of ownership made to the inhabitants of labour colonies. Abdul Wahid Nonari (President Brick Kiln Labour Union) said that we all belong to the oppressed class and wages are not sufficient in order to acquire basic necessities of life. He further demanded that workers of brick kilns should also be registered. Rana Ahsan-ul-Haq (APCA) said that according to the charter of demands of clerks, wages and allowances should also be increased with a proportion to price hike. Adeel Arif (President PSF Sheikh Zaid Medical College) said that he and other students were there to show solidarity with the working class which is the need of the time. History tells that it was working class who led the revolutions in France and Russia. President of MRDW Unilever said that workers in Unilever should be made permanent and given facilities according to international labour laws otherwise they are ready for fight. A doctor is given fifty thousand while a labourer is paid only five thousand and we condemn this discrimination. Abdul Rauf (President Unilever Contract Workers) said that administration sacked three workers without any reason which is condemnable.

Female peasant leader Asma said that their wages are quite low. Razzaq Somro (District President PLB) said struggle will continue until ownership rights are given to the inhabitants of labour colonies. Peasants from Robert Farm also demanded the right of ownership of their lands. Comrade Raees Kajjal and Abid Shah (President Power Looms Union) said that workers are getting united and will take revenge from the ruling class for all their sufferings.

Azam Anees (President PPP Shaheed Bhutto Group), Saifullah Khan Niazi (Secretary General PPP Shaheed Bhutto Group), Fazal Mehmood (PPP Workers Unity), Muhammad Deen Warind (PPP), Chacha Barkat Bajwa, Mian Faisal (PYO), Akram Bhatti (PSF), Mian Imtiaz (PYO), Jam Iftikhar Lar (Saraiki Youth Organization), Jam Yar Muhammad, Rasheed Dostam (Saraiki Poet), Khaleel Bukhari (Bazm-e-Fareed), Malik Akbar (Patan Minara Society), Ashraf Peer G (Awami Party), Mazhar Saeed Gopang (Bazm-e-Fareed), Arshad Rehmani and Abdul Qayyum Shakir (Pakistan Saraiki Party), Chaudhry Liaqat Ali, Abdul Jabbar, Bhayyam Ram Anjum (PPP Minority Wing), G.M Zubair (Newspaper Seller Union), Baba Sadiq, Khalid Pervaiz (Coca Cola Workers Union), Azeem Mahandra (IUF), Jahanzeeb Khan, Sajjad Shah (Workers Action Committee), Shabbir Durani (Irrigation Department), comrade Kashif Masood (BNT), Sufi Muhammad Jameel (PPP Shaheed Bhutto Group), Samee Baloch (Workers Action Committee), Muhammad Aslam (Hair Dresser Association), comrade Umair Bhatti, Riaz Aqeel and many other labour leaders gave speeches.

At the end of the procession a rally from Railway Chowk to Press Club was organized in which workers and youngsters were holding red flags and were raising slogans “Inqalab Inqalab Socilaist Inqalab” (Socialist Revolution). Slogans against price hike and capitalism were also raised.


A big public meeting was organised here by PTUDC in Pakistan Telecommunication Exchange premises. Cormade Asad Patafi was stage secretary. Speakers include comrade Nadeem Pasha, comrade Khalid Umer from PTCL, comrade Anjam Saeed from Railways, comrade Shafiq from PTCL, president PSF Civil lines college Adeel Lashari, comrade Aslam Ansari from power looms, Akram Noori leader of power looms labour association, Nasir Khan from PTCL, comrade Shabana, Mahmood Bhatti from WAPDA Hydro union, Zafar Bhutta from PTCL, Salamt Khan from Utility Stores corporation of Pakistan, Famous Intellectual and member of PPP Federal Council Haider Abbas Gardezi and revolutionary leader Jam Sajjad from PTCL and PTUDC. After the meeting a recruitment camp for PTUDC was also set up where many workers registered. Abdul Majeed Lashari and Tasawar Khan from PIA People’s Unity also participated in the meeting.

D. G. Khan

(Report by comrade Malik Siraj)

On May 1st 2010 in order to celebrate Labour Day PTUDC Dera Ghazi Khan organized a seminar at local press club. Comrades from BNT and YFIS were also present. Participants chanted slogans against price hike, unemployment and load shedding. Bashir-ud-din Salar a senior comrade with a long history of struggle was invited as chief guest. Comrade Sattar fulfilled the duties of stage secretary. Programme was initiated with a revolutionary poem read by comrade Altaf. Comrade Jahanzeb, in his speech, paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. APCA leader Sarfaraz Raza Ullah expressed his thoughts regarding May Day. Muhammad Iqbal Bhutta (secretary general PPP DG Khan) addressed the audience and expressed his feelings about the struggle of the working class. Comrade Gulzar Lodhi in his speech emphasized on the need of workers’ unity. At the end of the seminar participants organized a rally against price hikes, unemployment, load shedding, capitalism and feudalism which ended at Golai Committee.


May Day was celebrated here with revolutionary fervour and enthusiasm in which a large number of peasants and PPP activists participated. Poets also read revolutionary poems to the participants while labour leaders paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Comrade Rauf Lun led the rally on the main road which turned into a public meeting where workers and peasant leaders addressed the participants.

Kot Addu

On May Day workers from all walks of life gathered at the education office and the rally started at 10am and after passing through the main city ended at Iqbal Park. Comrade Ali Akbar addressed the rally, others who spoke at the occasion were Amir Sultan Goraya leader of brick kiln workers, Wahid Buz Rahim from professors association, Sardar Hashmi from Alnoor Employees union KAPCO and Malik Azhar Niaz from Peoples Students Federation. Workers from Pak Arab Refinery PARCO, PTCL, APCA, TMA and other industries participated in huge numbers.


A big public meeting was held in which workers from different industries and institutions participated in big numbers. Government agents from PLB who tried to enter the rally were banned from entering by the participants of the rally. Comrade Zeeshan and Irfan were among other speakers who addressed the meeting.

Galewal (Lodhran)

PTUDC organised a public meeting in Glaewal district Lodhran which was presided by famous journalist of Lodhran, Syed Baqir Rizvi while Jamal Nasir was chief guest. The first speaker of the meeting was a young girl Lareb who spoke against price hike. Others who spoke at the occasion were comrade Tanvir, comrade Nadeem Akhtar, Jamal Nasir, AzharALi president BNT Lodhran and comrade G.M. Qamar. In the end Comrade Taqi, president PTUDC district Lodhran, gave the final speech and condemned the capitalist policies of the current government and urged the need of a socialist revolution.


Comrades of PTUDC participated in a rally organised by various labour and trade union organisations and raised revolutionary slogans. Comrade Dr. Yasir Irshad and Shahid Baloch were among the participants.

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Central Punjab


A big public meeting was organised in Sher-e-Bengal Labour Colony near Shahdra which has nearly 1400 residential units and workers from 167 industrial units who live along with their families. A stage was set in the centre of the colony where posters and banners of the PTUDC were put up. At around 2pm workers from different industries came after the day shift and arrived at the meeting place in delegations. The largest delegation was from Emco Tiles led by General Secretary CBA Malik Yusaf, while workers from Honda, Leiner Pak, Millat Tractors, Irza Pharma and others participated. Ch. Abdul Rasheed, leader of the Labour Colony, and other members of the PTUDC labour colony welcomed the guests. Comrades from BNT and PTUDC led by comradeEjaz Shah and Zuhaib Butt arrived in a big rally holding red flags and banner and raising revolutionary slogans. Comrade Tauseed Satti from PSF Punjab University led the delegation of students from Lahore. Students from Sher-Bengal Students federation welcomed the students from various colleges and universities from Lahore. Comrade Sumera led a delegation of women workers from Shahdra.

Speaker of the meeting included comrade Sumera, comrade Muazzam Bhatti from PSF Punjab, comrade Adam Pal, comrade Ejaz Shah, Ch. Rasheed, Malik Yusaf General Secreary Emco Tiles CBA, Akram Gujjar President Emco Tiles union CBA and others.

Speakers highlighted the problems of the workers and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. Speakers also highlighted the assassination of Arif Shah in 1996 which led to the formation of the PTUDC and said that we will complete his mission through a socialist revolution.

Comrades of BNT also staged a play highlighting the problems of workers in present times which was widely appreciated by the participants. Comrade Saima, comrade Khawar, Umer and Naeem Akash acted in the play while comrade Hasnain from COMSATS University was the writer and director of the play.

At the end a rally was organised led by Cormade Ejaz Shah which came on the G.T. Road in which nearly 700 workers and youth participated. The participants of the rally raised slogans against price hikes, unemployment and load shedding and for an irreconcilable struggle till socialist victory.


A rally was held on May Day from the Railway Station led by comrades of PTUDC along with workers of the Power Looms union, Rickshaw union, Chalia union and others. The speakers included Ch. Imtiaz, Taya Ashraf, president labour union, Bhola, Maulvi Aslam and comrade Fayyaz from PTUDC. Speakers condemned the anti-labour policies of the government and stressed the need to end this rotten system and its rulers to overthrow this capitalist system.


A rally was organised on May Day which started from Civil Lines and ended at Gondlanwala Adda on G.T. Road. Workers from various industries like Climax, Fico and others participated in big numbers. Comrade Dr. Umer Naseer led the rally in which participants raised slogans against unemployment, price hike and load shedding. Participants also raised slogans for a socialist revolution.

Miani (Sargodha)

A public meeting was held in this small town in which nearly 40 workers, peasants and youth participated. Workers from Kewra salt mines also participated in the meeting which was organised by the PTUDC. Comrade Nadeem and others addressed the meeting and highlighted problems faced by workers.


Comrades of the PTUDC participated in a public meeting organised by various labour organisations and raised revolutionary slogans. Comrades also sold revolutionary literature among the participants.

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North Punjab


(Report by comrade Imran Kamyana)

On 30th April 2010 the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) organized a "Mazdoor Mela" (Workers’ Carnival) in Railways Loco Shed Colony Dhok Hassu Rawalpindi to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the their rights. It was a mix of cultural, political and musical performances.

The programme was attended by around 300 workers, youth and comrades. Among the participants were present workers from Pakistan Railways, Telecom Foundation, Telecom Foundation Pipe Factory, Pakistan Post, Sabro industries, Pakistan Teachers’ Union, PFUJ (Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists) and many others from the industries in the area. Comrades from the JKNSF (Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation), BNT (Unemployed Youth Movement), PLF (People's Lawyers Forum) and YFIS (Youth For International Socialism) were also present. Before and during the programme revolutionary slogans were raised.

Stage Secretary, comrade Changez from the PTUDC Rawalpindi started the programme with a revolutionary poem and paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago. He said that brave workers of Chicago refused to compromise over their demands and showed the world that working class can halt the whole system. He further said that the PTUDC is carrying a flag which was coloured in the blood of those martyrs and this irreconcilable struggle will continue till socialist victory. This was followed by a revolutionary song by comrade Qarni and comrade Zubair Latif.

Comrade Malik Nawaz from the Railways Workers' Union highlighted the events of Chicago which led to the death of hundreds of workers. He further said a socialist revolution led by a revolutionary party based on Bolshevik ideology is inevitable. Railway workers have a great tradition of fighting for their rights and the train of revolution with its red flags is coming very soon to this country.

Comrade Fauzia Rajput, a woman worker from Pakistan Railways, explained how the women are prey to dual oppression in capitalism and only in a socialist society can women get their basic rights and economic independence. She further made an appeal to all the women present to join the PTUDC in order to build a revolution.

Abdul-Sattar Tara from the Railways Workers' Union said in his speech that the successful agitation and struggle of the workers of Punjab Police and Balochistan Police for the increment in wages is an example that should be followed by workers countrywide. He also sang a revolutionary song which made the audience more enthusiastic.

Comrade Asif from the JKNSF emphasized the role of youth and conveyed the solidarity message to the workers from the JKNSF. Muqaddar Malik from Teachers’ Union explained the economic and social sufferings of teachers and emphasized that existing profit based capitalist system is the root cause behind the selfish behaviours in society and must be replaced with socialism.

Secretary General PTUDC North Punjab comrade Rana Abrar condemned the policies of the PPP government in his enthusiastic and furious speech. He said that the ruling class is being exposed day by day in front of the masses and soon the working class will take its revenge and will overthrow this failed system along with the oppressive state. He said that the time is not too far off when a revolutionary moment greater than that of 1968-69 will erupt in the country and will lead to a successful socialist revolution unlike 68-69 because a Marxist tendency built on revolutionary lines is present.

Comrade Hafeez with his musical group sang revolutionary songs in Pushto and Urdu and the participants came dancing in front of the stage filled with revolutionary vigour. A play was staged by comrade Changaiz and others with the title “Maslihat ya Inqalab” (Reformism or Revolution) in which the struggle of the working class and true character of state was unleashed in front of the audience.

At the end chief organizer of the event comrade Raja Imran from the Railways was invited to the stage and was congratulated by the audience with clapping and revolutionary slogans. In his brief speech he said that the unrest in the masses was just the beginning and a huge revolutionary moment is ahead. The programme was concluded with the singing of Internationale.

Intervention in rallies

On May 1st a rally was organised by the Pakistan Workers’ Federation on Murree Road starting from Rawalpindi Press Club. Comrades from Islamabad and Rawalpindi (PTUDC, JKNSF, BNT) participated in the rally with banners, leaflets and papers. The rally was led by the comrades from the very beginning and participants started raising revolutionary slogans against price hikes, unemployment, American imperialism and capitalism. Comrades distributed around 600 leaflets. Comrade Rana Abrar from the PTUDC addressed the rally by condemning anti-working class policies of the so-called democratic government and emphasized the need of a socialist revolution. Comrade Changez was interviewed by a private TV Channel in which he explained the organizational positions on the current economic and electricity crises. Many people joined the PTUDC.

Another rally was organized by the Railways Workers’ Union in Pindi Sadar Area in which comrades participated enthusiastically. Many comrades from the PTUDC gave speeches and leaflets were also distributed.

The participation of the PTUDC comrades was covered by many newspapers.


(Report by comrade Faisal Shehzad)

PTUDC along with Pakistan Workers’ Federation, APCA (All Pakistan Clerk Association), Pakistan Labour Federation, PWD Workers’ Union and WAPDA Workers’ Union organised a rally in Attock city in which 400 workers participated. Comrades from BNT were also present there. Comrades distributed leaflets and chanted revolutionary slogans. Malik Imdad Awan, Sheikh Ghayas (APCA), Farooq Kundi (Labour Federation), Rana Shaukat (Former Mayor), Muhammad Zareef (Building Department), Masood Nasir, Rana Faisal Ali Khan, Rataz Bhatti (PWD Workers’ Union Leader) gave speeches.

Comrade Pervaiz Malik also addressed the rally and gave stress on the importance of workers’ unity for the sake of common causes. He further said that reformism has failed and only socialism can get humanity out of misery and barbarism. Only Marxist ideas can lead the international working class to a successful socialist revolution as no other left-wing party or tendency has true revolutionary socialism on its agenda. Rana Faisal said that they would struggle for the regularization of their 535 workers. He also warned the government to stop its anti-labour policies or the workers will take their rights by force.


(Report by comrade Pervaiz Malik)

A meeting of the female workers was organized by the PTUDC. 30 women including Lady Health Workers and teachers attended the meeting. Marxist study material and leaflets were distributed by the comrades.

Fatah Jang

(Report by comrade Pervaiz Malik)

A rally was organized by PTUDC in which 200 workers from nearby mills and factories participated. Participants were holding red flags and banners with revolutionary slogans. Rally was addressed by comrade Ahmad Hassan and comrade Mukhtar. Leaflets were also distributed.

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Comrades of PTUDC and Railways Labour Union Peshawar Division held a rally from Railways labour colony to Railway Station Peshawar. Comrade Fazl e Qadir Secretary General Railway Labour Union Peshawar Division, Comrade Farman, Comade Rashid, Sabz Ali and other workers and youth participated in this rally and raised slogans for a socialist revolution. At the railway station the rally turned into a public meeting in which speakers addressed the workers and condemned the attempt by the Government to privatize Railways and take away employment from thousands of workers.


(Report by comrade Saira)

A programme was organized by PTUDC and BNT at Abbotabad Press Club to commemorate the struggle of workers of Chicago. Around 100 people attended the event. Many youngsters from PSF and comrades from Islamabad were also present there. A considerable number of females also attended the event with interest and revolutionary enthusiasm. Programme was chaired by comrade Saira. Speakers included Fawad Ali Jadoon (BNT), comrade Sardar Irshad (BNT), Sajid Khan Jadoon (PPP), comrade Khawar Taj (YFIS), Malik Saeed (PPP), Iftikhar Chawan (PSF), Dr. Adnan Bashir (PPP), and Kamran Ilahi (PSF).

Comrade Zafar from NAtional Bank in his concluding remarks condemned the policies of the Pakistan People’s Party government. He said that instead of giving relief to the masses, the PPP government is attacking the working class. The party which was a product of the 1968-69 revolution has been hijacked by feudals, capitalists and opportunists. The state is now creating non-issues and is trying to divide the working class on ethnic lines but has failed miserably. He further emphasized that class conciliation is not possible and no such thing as a ‘multi-class party’ can exist. Once the PPP government has completely failed to solve the problems of the working class, people would go for an alternate in a revolutionary way.

Leaflets were distributed by the comrades and many youngsters showed interest to join the BNT and YFIS.

Batkhela (Malakand)

A meeting was held in the press club at Batkhela to commemorate the martyrs of Chicago. Comrade Ghufran, Comrade Shakeel and others addressed the meeting and stressed the need of a socialist revolution. A big rally was arranged for May Day but due to the curfew in Swat and terrorist activities of the Taliban and Pakistan Army it was cancelled.

D. I. Khan

Comrades of PTUDC participated in the rally organised by PLB. Comrades led by Ali Wazir raised revolutionary slogans and condemned the policies of supporting US imperialism and Army operations. Workers from various industrial units and displaced homeless people from South Waziristan participated under the leadership of comrade Ali Wazir.


Comrades of PTUDC organised a rally in the main city led by Comrade Bakht Niaz, Advocate. Workers from various industries participated along with young students and peasant from adjoining rural areas. Participants raised slogans of socialist revolution.

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(Report by comrade Nazar Mengal)

May Day was celebrated in Balochistan on many platforms. A seminar was conducted by Pakistan Labour Federation at Sadiq Park. Another huge rally/protest was organized by Pakistan Workers’ Federation in which many trade unions including WAPDA Hydro Union, Merk Marker Employees Union, Agriculture Workers Union, City and Town Union, PTUDC, Irrigation Employees Union, B & R Employees Union, BDS Employees Union, QDA Employees Union, Public Health Employees Union, APCO Employees Union, Agriculture Engineering Employees Union, WASA Employees Union and Newspaper Seller Union participated.

Like always, the Workers’ Federation in Quetta celebrated May Day protesting as the state terrorism against the working class is at its peak. Another reason was the sacking of 265 employees from Merk Factory by the administration. The struggle by these working for their jobs has been going on for one year now without any positive response from the administration. So workers held a protest in front of the Governor’s House and Prime Minister’s House.

At 10am different trade unions started to form a rally in front of the Town Hall. A joint rally of PTUDC and Merk Factory workers started from Jail Road. Workers were holding banners and placards with their demands. Participants raised slogans against state policies in Balochistan, capitalism, poverty, imperialism, privatization and price hikes. When the rally reached GPO Chowk, the Police tried to create hurdles which made the workers furious and they started raising the slogan “Lathi Goli ki sarkar nahi chalay gi” (State can’t rule us with power and oppression). At about 10.30am a lot of workers and students had gathered at the Town Hall. After that, this huge crowd after passing through many markets and avenues in the form of a rally, reached the GPO Chowk near the Chief Minister’s house and transformed into a protest which many workers’ leaders addressed. A one minute silence was observed in order to salute the martyrs of Chicago. Haji Ramzan Achakzai (PWF), Manzoor Baloch (Cahirman United Labor Federation), Khan Zaman (Provincial President United Labor Federation), Abdul Salam (Chairman Pakistan Workers Federation), comrade Nazar Mengal (Central Secretary General PTUDC), Haji Aziz Ullah, Haji Said Ullah , Hassan Baloch, Mustafa Kurd, Muhammad Yousaf, Qasim , Abid Butt, Ali Raza Mangol, Nasreen Taj, Abdul Haye, Haji Bashir and many others addressed the rally. Agha Muhammad from WAPDA Hydro Union acted as stage secretary.

Participants paid tribute to the martyrs of Chicago and condemned the naked exploitation of the capitalist system. They said that the recent ‘democratic government’ is committing crimes against the working class and is implementing the policies of imperialist institutions like the IMF and World Bank. 83 institutions are being privatized in the name of ‘Public Private Ownership’. Electricity and gas is getting expensive and people of Balochistan and Pakhtunkhua are being bombed. In Balochistan, especially state terrorism is getting worse day by day and youngsters are being kidnapped by the state machinery in order to crush the voice of the Baloch people. So-called democracy is for the benefit of capitalists, feudals and landlords and not for the common people. The only solution to this oppression and barbarism is socialism.

The protest continued till 8pm and a representative of the Balochistan government, Muhammad Younas, came to negotiate with the workers and assured that 265 workers fired from Merk Factory would be reinstated soon.


(Report by comrade Nazar Mengal)

In Khuzdar May Day was celebrated on the platform of Mazdoor Ittehad (Workers’ Unity). A rally was organized which started from GPO Chowk and after passing through many streets and markets transformed into a procession at Central Chowk. Saifullah Sasoli (Chairman Mazdoor Ittehad) led the procession and many speakers including Agha Zulfiqar Shah (President Bolan Mining Enterprise Union), Abdul Nabi (President WAPDA Hydro Union), comrade Iqbal Sheikh (President Para Medical Staff and District Organizer PTUDC), Hazoor Bakhsh (President MMD Workshop Union), Hameed KhiyaZai, Abdul Nabi (Public Health), Naseer Ahmed (APCA), Javed (Top Union)Aslam Garagnazi (BNP) addressed the participants. They saluted the martyrs of Chicago for their courageous struggle and emphasized that only “Madoor raj” (Dictatorship of the Proletariat) can solve the problems of humanity.

Osta Muhammad

(Report by comrade Nazar Mengal)

In Osta Muhammad workers and peasants celebrated May Day by organizing a rally which took the shape of a procession at Main Market. It was led by Unity Labour Federation. Babu Nazar Muhammad, Ali Gohar, Ali Hassan Qadir, Abdul Khaliq Bhangar, Ali Bakhsh Jamali, Hamza Khan and many others gave their speeches and commemorated the struggle of brave workers of Chicago. They said that price hikes had made the life of a common man miserable. There is exploitation and unemployment everywhere and peasants are being murdered economically. Private contractors don’t pay enough while purchasing wheat from the peasants and the government is not buying the crops at all. Workers and peasants should follow the example of the martyrs of Chicago and should struggle in order to get rid of landlords and capitalists which is only possible through a socialist revolution.

PTUDC also organised May Day rallies and protests in Sibbi and Qalat

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(Report by Abrar Khuwaja)

JKNSF, PTUDC and BNT organized a rally in order to celebrate May Day and against poverty, price hikes, load shedding, unemployment and capitalism. Rally started at 11am from Neelam Bridge and was joined by students and workers in large numbers. After passing through Bank Road, Tanga Stand, the rally transformed into a procession when it reached the Central Press Club. Streets and markets at Muzaffarabad echoed with revolutionary slogans. Participants raised slogans for socialist revolution and condemning the state terrorism in Kashmir and Palestine.

At the end of the rally comrade Rashid Sheikh (secretary general JKNSF) addressed the participants and said that capitalism is an expired system which can give nothing except poverty, wars and destruction. Pakistani ruling class is playing the role of an imperialist agent and is implementing the policies of the IMF and World Bank. Comrade Nazim Abbasi (District repsident JKNSF), Haider Kazmi and Nasir Abbasi and many other gave speeches and highlighted the struggle of workers in 1886. All the speakers emphasized the need of socialism and said that it is only possible through a successful revolution led by a Bolshevik Party.


(Report by comrade Abrar Khuwaja)

Comrades participated in a seminar in Pachpaee (Pathika) nearMuzaffarabad, a town in Muzaffarabad in order to commemorate the events of Chicago. Youngsters and workers from all the four union councils of the town participated in the programme. Overall more than 100 people were present. Comrade Waqas Shah chaired the programme which started at 3pm. Agenda of the meeting was the problems of workers and their solutions. Azhar Shah, Ishfaq Ahmed, Ishtiaq Chaudhry, Chaudhry Naseer, Rafeeq Ahmed, Syed Shafa’at Hussain and many others addressed the audience and emphasized that only class struggle can solve the problems of workers and condemned the state which was trying to divide the workers on ethnic and religious lines. It was the first time that May Day was being celebrated in the town and people were excited about it. Comrade Rashid (Central General Secretary NSF), comrade Aasar, Zubair Mughal (PTUDC) and comrade Jameel also gave speeches and said that they will take the message of socialism to each and every town of the country which is the only way of emancipation for the working class. Comrade Waqas saluted the martyrs of Chicago for their irreconcilable struggle for their rights and said that their sacrifice is a bright example for all the oppressed people in the world.


(Report by comrade Haris)

Jammu Kashmir National Student Federation organized a rally in order to celebrate May Day which started from the Degree College Ground and hundreds of comrades from different locations participated in it. The rally was led by comrade Amjad Shahsawar (Central President JKNSF) and comrade Haleem (Postal Union Ponch). Participants were holding red flags and banners and were raising revolutionary slogans. Enthusiasm of the rally multiplied when contract workers form Tarkan Private Limited joined it. Slogans of “Mazdoor Raj, Mazdoor Raj” (Dictatorship of the Proletariat) were echoing in the streets and markets of the city. The rally transformed into a procession when it reached the Court after passing through the whole city. Speakers while addressing said that capitalism is offering destruction and barbarism to humanity and living standards are getting worse day by day. The PPP government has failed to provide ‘Bread, Clothing and Shelter’ and is taking these things away instead. No political party has a solution to the problems and sufferings of the working class and the only way out is socialist revolution. Comrade Amjad Shahsawar (Chariman JKNSF), Sardar Imtiaz Khan (President APCA District Ponch), Raja Aftab Tabssum, comrade Haleem Sajid, Syed Faisal (Tarkan Private Ltd.), comrade Iftikhar Sarver (JKNSF), Khalid Rafeeq, Majid Naseem, Irfan Yaqoob, Ghaffar Lateef, Farooq Suleman, Zulfiqar Shabbir, Naveed Isshaq and Asif Aziz gave speeches while comrade Rashid Khalid acted as stage secretary.


(Report by comrade Abrar Lateef)

May Day was celebrated in Hajeera with revolutionary spirit on the platform of JKNSF and PTUDC. The rally was led by comrade Taufeeq Azmi (Former President JKNSF), comrade Tassawur Mosavi (PTUDC), comrade Abrar Lateef (JKNSF), Shehzad Ayyub, comrade Aqib Ahmed and comrade Raja Kamran (Secretary Media Cell JKNSF).

Participants were chanting the slogans “Inqalab Inqalab, Socialist Inqalab” (Revolution, Revolution, Socialist Revolution) and “Mazdoor Raj” (Dictatorship of the Proletariat). Hundreds of youngsters participated in the rally which ended at Kachehri. Comrade Tassawar Mosavi fulfilled the duties of stage secretary. Comrade Aqib, Raja Kamran, Abrar Lateef and many others gave speeches and saluted the martyrs of Chicago. They said that the workers of Kashmir and Pakistan are united and will fight for the socialist revolution together.


(Report by Comrade Shoaib)

May Day was celebrated by the PTUDC and JKNSF at the Alnoor Hotel. The rally started from Check post at 9am, in which all labour union including APCA, Teachers’ association , sanitary workers and paramedical staff participated with a revolutionary passion and defending class interests.

Comrade Mumtaz spoke on historical background of May Day. In his speech he explained the present circumstances and miserable status of the proletariat. He said that capitalism is the root cause of unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and all social evils. All struggles under the flag of nationalism, religion, right-wing politics have failed and socialism is the only they way to victory of the working class.

Comrade Ayaz from BNT spoke on the world situation and stated that capitalism is violating youth on a vast scale, 80 thousand graduates are stepping into the job market seeking to feed their families but the Pakistani government is taking no steps, thousands of factories are being closed and all public service institutions are being privatized.


(Report by Comrade Bilal)

In the Kotli area two programmes were organized to celebrate May Day by the PTUDC and JKNSF. One of them was held in a local hotel in Khuiratta. Before the programme a rally was organized in the city which comprised of 18 motorcycles and 2 cars. During the rally the Khuiratta bazaar was echoing with slogans like “Inqlab, Inqlab, Socialist Inqlab” (Socialist Revolution), “Your power, my power, workers’ power, workers’ power”, “Red salute to the martyrs of Chicago” and “This freedom is not real when the people are hungry”.

At the end of the rally around 40 people attended the programme, most of which were workers, teachers and students. Comrade Umer was the stage secretary. Comrade Bilal said in his speech that history shows that a system cannot be replaced with struggle and we have to follow in the footsteps of the struggle of the Chicago workers in order to achieve the goal of a Socialist Revolution. Comrade Imran (District President JKNSF) said that it’s the working class which is running society but the life of the working class has become miserable. If capitalism is not uprooted it will destroy humanity which has only two options, Socialism or barbarism. Comrades Waseem, Irfan, Saqib, Rohail, and Adnan also spoke at the meeting. A JKNSF unit for Sairee was also announced.

The other programme was held at Goyi in which around 20 teachers and students participated. Comrade Ayub, Shakoor, and Fayyaz addressed the gathering. They said that the working class will get its rights only by uprooting this capitalist system of greed and profits and establishing a Socialist society. The programme was concluded by singing the Internationale.


(Report by Comrade Ayaz Rahim)

Just like all over the world, a programme was organized by the PTUDC and BNT to celebrate May Day at Sadhnoti district headquarters Plandri. The programme was attended by workers from many departments. The venue was the Court Square and there were banners and placards saluting the martyrs of Chicago and denouncing load shedding, price hikes and unemployment.

APCA leader Comrade Sardar Rahim said that May Day is the only occasion which is celebrated by the workers all over the world regardless of their nationality, religion or ethnicity. PTUDC leader comrade Zaheer, Advocate, said that the rights won by the struggle and martyrdom of the Workers in Chicago are being taken away by the rulers. The working class needs to have unity to fight this battle. PSF leader, comrade Ghazanfar Shaheen, said that capitalism has become obsolete and it is creating misery for the masses around the world. We have to advance the mission of the workers of Chicago and fight against the capitalists in unity with the working class. JKNSF leader comrade Saad Jamal, comrade Junaid, and comrade Ayaz from the PSF also addressed the meeting.

May Day activities were held in six other small cities and towns of Kashmir.

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