Marxism deals with history concretely, not in the abstract. Historical materialism carefully deals with the different historical stages through which humankind has developed and explains the particular laws that govern different socio-economic formations.

We start today a serialised publication of Alan Woods' latest book "Reformism or revolution. Marxism and socialism of the 21st Century (reply to Heinz Dieterich)". We open with the Author's Preface and Chapter One, "Methodology", in which the unscientific method of Heinz Dieterich is dealt with.

The crisis of the capitalist system is reflected in a crisis of bourgeois values, morality, religion, politics and philosophy. The mood of pessimism that afflicts the bourgeoisie and its ideologues in this period is manifested in the poverty of its thought, the triviality of its art and the emptiness of its spiritual values. It is expressed in the wretched philosophy of post-modernism, which imagines itself to be superior to all previous philosophy, when in reality it is vastly inferior.

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