Rally opposite the US embassy in Mexico City - Chavez no se va!

1300 workers shouted Chávez no se va, ni tampoco la revolución (Chavez will not go, neither the revolution).

The rally organized in defence of the revolutionary bolivarian process and in support for the “NO” in the recall referendum took place opposite the Ángel de la Independencia ( a well known monument and symbol of moblizations in Mexico city) and next to the US embassy. The rally started at 11:30 am with the attendance of 1300 people from various left organizations which included workers, unemployed, students from the main universities, workers petitioning for housing, organizations from the states of Hidalgo and Peubla, intellectuals, musical groups, plus Venezuelans and Puerto Ricans living in Mexico who support the Bolivarian revolution.

Three lanes of the main avenue needed to be closed for the three and half hours that the event lasted. There was a clear atmosphere of combativeness and solidarity with the Venezuelan workers. From the beginning of the rally we relied on the internet to receive updates on the latest news of the referendum. This news was received with a lot of attention by the demonstrators, who despite carrying Venezuelan banners, maintained an internationalist spirit. The speeches of the workers from the Institute of Mexican Social Security (IMSS), and from students who have been rejected by the National Polytechnic Institute, lead by the Comité de Lucha (Committee of Struggle) were very well received, especially because they themselves could feel the attacks of imperialism. In their speeches they outlined the importance of the rally and the lessons of the Venezuelan revolution.

The interventions centred on the need to push forward the revolution along socialist lines as the only way to guarantee and deepen the current achievements of the current government in Venezuela, as well as the unification of the people of Latin America in a Socialist Federation – that is to say a Bolivarian union for a more just and dignified life for the workers of Latin America and the world.

There is no doubt that this has been the largest event in solidarity with Venezuela which has been organized in our country. The event was covered by the national media who interviewed the organizers.

The Hands off Venezuela campaign in Mexico collected 5000 signatures from trade unions, left organizations, university students, workers’ districts etc, during the previous 2 months for a manifesto of solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution. These signatures were given to the Venezuelan and US embassies.

Some people who were very interested in organizing further activities affiliated to the Revolutionary Bolivarian Circles. These Bolivarian Circles have a principle task the organization of further activities in defence of the Bolivarian revolution, which is correctly considered as our revolution.

Four musical groups participated at the event, whose militant songs created a good atmosphere when they rejected the US intervention in Venezuela. The list of speakers was endless as the demonstrators wanted to express their solidarity.

Workers of the world unite!
Long Live the Bolivarian revolution!

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