Putin – another name for capitalism!

The following leaflet was distributed in Russian in the demonstration in Petersburg by Russian supporters of the IMT who publish the paper Vrag Kapitala and the website 1917.com.

Until recently, many thought, that the revolution was just an utopia, and it seemed that we were destined to live a life bordering on beggary with poverty wages and overwork. It seemed that this would last forever. But all that has changed. The word "revolution" has once again emerged out of the pages of history books and into the world of today. The rebellion of the working people of Tunisia and Egypt showed the world through their heroic strikes and street fighting how to fight and win. They have toppled thieving presidents.

Today it is Russia’s turn to awaken. While this is only the beginning of the fight, it is clear that  something that is important is happening today. It is important not to forget that victorious uprisings are not the result of internet technology but of the joint action and solidarity of the working class. Only the mass participation of workers can guarantee victory.

However, a revolution is made not to replace the president or the ruling party, and leave everything else the same as before. Poverty, oppression, social inequality – these are the things that are propelling the people into the struggle. And all these disasters are the product of the capitalist system itself. They cannot be solved by changing who is in government. Therefore it is not enough just to deliver a little kick to Putin, Medvedev and the "United Russia" party.

Of course, "United Russia" is the party of crooks and thieves. But the crooks and thieves have always existed (and will always exist) whereever a tiny minority enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. In order to get rid of them once and for all, it is necessary to exclude such a possibility - that is, to rebuild society from top to bottom.

The only program that can lead to ultimate victory is socialism. This does not mean a return to the old system where power was in the hands of a one-Party bureaucracy. In contrast to many parties that call themselves "communist", we do not seek to go back but forward - to a world free of state, national, and class barriers. Socialism means workers’ self-management and a democratic planned economy. Industry should not belong to a handful of bloated oligarchs, but to the whole of society, working for the good of everyone.

  • No to regime of Putin!
  • For a revolutionary change!
  • For workers' power!