Pakistan: PTUDC Karachi Executive body announced

The PTUDC in Karachi met recently, electing an executive body with representatives in key industries and workplaces, and also passed a resolution. We also provide photos of the event

ptudc-karachi-executive-announced-2.jpgThe meeting of the PTUDC-Karachi was held on 17th January which was presided by comrade Hasib Ahmed, while comrade Riaz Hussain Lund Baloch, President of the PTUDC, was also present.

At the start of the meeting comrade Riaz Baloch gave a detailed analysis of the world economic situation and the impact it is having on the living conditions of the workers of the world. He also explained the financial turmoil in the Pakistani economy and the inability of the present rulers to overcome this crisis.

After his detailed analysis the new Executive body of the Karachi Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) was elected unanimously. The new Executive body is as follows:

ptudc-karachi-executive-announced-3.jpgHasib Ahmed President
Akbar Memon (Pakistan Steel) Secretary General
Raees Being (Pakistan Steel) Joint Secretary
Zubair Rehman (Journalists Association) Information Secretary
Sheikh Mohiudin (Security Press) Senior Vice President
M. A. Warsi (Postal Workers) Vice President & Organiser South District
Annand Kumar (Shoe maker workers) Secretary Finance
Paul John (Hospital Workers) Office Secretary
Khuda Bux Baloch (Metropolitan Steel) Organiser Malir District
Nazir Alam (Karachi Port Trust) Organizer West District
Razeeq Irshad, Organizer East Landhi Mill Area
Mashooq Ahmed, Organizer Gulshan-e-Hadeed
Nazir Gondal, Organizer Pakistan Steel
Comrade Farid, Organizer Pak Suzuki
Auranzeb Tanoli, Organizer Pakistan Railways
Altaf Hussain, Organizer Karachi Port Trust
Karamat Hussain, Organizer Karachi Electric Supply Co. (KESC)
Mirza Tahir Hassan, Organizer Pakistan International Airlines PIA & District Central
Jamil Iqbal Syed, Organizer Security Staff.

Also present at the occasion were comrades Shamim Soomro from lawyers, Rehan from Democratic Union Pakistan Steel, Yusuf Baloch from Landhi, Manoo, Hardil Kumar and others from various industries and departments.

At the end of the meeting the following resolution was passed:

  1. To restore all the workers which have been sacked from Pak Suzuki, Thatta Cement, Jhok Sugar Mills and PC Hotel.
  2. The minimum wage of a worker per month should be equivalent to 10 grams of Gold.
  3. The process of privatization should be stopped immediately and the Privatization Ministry should be abolished.
  4. The prices of petroleum products, electricity, natural gas and other essential items should be reduced.
  5. Electricity crisis should be overcome by nationalizing all Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) in the country.
  6. All the industries and departments should be nationalized and put under democratic control of the workers.