The President of Paraguay, Lugo, has been impeached and replaced by his deputy Franco from the Liberal Party. The reason why the oligarchy has moved against him is that despite his shortcomings and his attempts to conciliate, the timid reforms he introduced and the way his election encouraged the workers' and peasants' movement, had become intolerable for the ruling class. 

In June the congress of the United Peoples' Space (EUP) met in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. The aim of the meeting was to debate the current situation in the country and how to move forward in the social conquests that the Paraguayan workers need, fighting against conservative forces within Congress, the judiciary and the government itself.

After the recent elections, Fernando Lugo, of the Patriotic Alliance for Change will become the President of Paraguay. He leads a contradictory coalition, but he is clearly the expression of the deep-seated desire of the masses for serious social change.