Palestine Socialist Students arrested! - Latest letter from Palestine

It is URGENT we step up the solidarity campaign with the Palestinian Socialist Students. The Israeli army have targeted this organisation among the Palestinians, obviously because of its left and socialist orientation. As you know this is a Student Union organisation. It is called the USSC, Union of Secondary Student Committees. It has a Socialist orientation, and takes a militant stance.

Dear comrades:

We wanted to announce the latest information we have:

Four of our comrades were arrested last night at the same time, between 3-5 o'clock in the morning. The Israeli army (special forces) carried out all the operation in the B territories: 1st from Beitdajan village, 2nd from Salem village, 3rd from Beitforik village, 4th from Deir Alhatab village. As you can see all of them are from villages which are near Nablus city, we couldn't show their names for security matters. But we don't know yet where they are now.

Another comrade, who is the head secretary for all the Daffa branch (West Bank branch) is now being seriously hunted, the Israeli army attacked his house in the same night but, fortunately he was outside, and now he is in the A territories, so the army can't arrest him yet.

That's all for now, we'll keep sending you the latest news!!



Palestinian Socialist Students - INTIFADA PALESTINE!!!!

December 1, 2000