We have just received the following report from Quetta, Baluchistan. The strikers of the public sector CSEA union, after a hard strike in which over 100 workers were arrested, have won an outstanding victory.

This short tour of Spain by PTUDC leader Lal Khan has been a huge success. He spoke to around 500 people in six meetings and 170,000 pesetas (more than $900) was raised in the collections.

Khalid Bhatti, national organiser of the PTUDC in Pakistan explains the sitatution in the Karachi Steel Mills. He gives a brief history of the unionisation of the workers and explains the role of the PTUDC.

As the war in Afghanistan is far from over, Pakistan's eastern border with India is in the grip of new war hysteria. The massive deployment of troops, the cross border exchange of fire and the fleeing of the inhabitants of border villages are posing the threat of yet another war between the two countries. If this conflict erupts into a full-scale war it would be the fourth major military clash between India and Pakistan in a short span of 54 years of their postcolonial existence.

Lal Khan, in Lahore, analyses the difficult situation now facing the military dictatorship of General Musharaff after his humiliating submission to the demands of US imperialism. He also looks at the dire economic situation that has been aggravated by the conflict with India

We are publishing here Chapter Seven of the book 'Partition, Can it be undone?' by Lal Khan. We are publishing it because of its relevance to the present conflict between India and Pakistan. This chapter analyses the historical background and the economic and strategic interests that have led to the present situation.


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