Pakistan: Protests against Israeli Aggression on Gaza! Solidarity with the Palestinians

Written by PTUDC Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) and Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) organised protest demonstrations across Pakistan to condemn the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Below are reports from the demonstrations in different cities.


Kashmir Regional Congress of the IMT

Written by Yasir Irshad Thursday, 17 July 2014

kashmir2-thIn spite of growing political apathy in society, a huge participation was observed in the congress of Marxists in Kashmir. More than 400 comrades and sympathisers from across Kashmir gathered in Rawalakot on 28th June to attend a one-day regional congress.


Pakistan: A country at war with itself

Written by Lal Khan Friday, 27 June 2014

karachi-attack-thAt dawn on Sunday, June 15 the Pakistan government gave the green signal to over 30,000 ground troops, backed by air force jets, to move into action in North Waziristan. This is the beginning of a long talked about and expected military operation against the many and numerous Islamic terrorist outfits that have been wreaking havoc throughout the country for almost two decades. The terrorist attack at the Karachi Airport in the preceding week seems to have been the final straw.


Pakistan John McDonnell MP issues Early Day Motion in support of PTCL workers

Written by In Defence of Marxism Tuesday, 17 June 2014

As we reported last week, John McDonnell MP was planning to issue an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons regarding the campaign against privatisation of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. We are pleased to produce the text for our readers. The aim of the Early Day Motion is to highlight the issue and to gather support from other Members of Parliament as a means of putting pressure on the British and Pakistani governments. (June 22, 2005)


Pakistan: Budgeting a crumbling economy

Written by Lal Khan Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Gone are the days when on Budget Day almost everything came to a halt on the streets, with people glued to the TV screens or radio sets in anticipation of some major concession for the working masses. After all in those days the budgets did matter. Now that is a bygone era and the masses having little interest in what is being said or are in no mood to be continuously duped by the sermons of these false prophets. Ironically what interest them more than the monotonous theatrics of a budget speech are ‘fixed’ cricket matches. Despite the working masses being written off by the ruling elite, analysts and the intelligentsia, do their instincts not hit upon the brutal reality behind these political facades?


Pakistan: Saur Revolution Commemorated in Pashtoonkhwa

Written by Farhad Kayani Wednesday, 07 May 2014

saur-1-thOn 27th April a mass meeting was organized in Malakand, Pashtoonkhwa to commemorate the 36th anniversary of Afghan Saur Revolution of 1978. More than 500 workers, students, youth and political activists participated in the meeting. The participants travelled long distances on rough roads through the mountains of Pashtoonkhwa to get there. Comrades and activists from Malakand, Shangla, Swat, Dir, Buner, Kohat, Peshawar and Islamabad were in attendance. A group of students from Afghanistan also participated.


Pakistan: A revolutionary movement in the heart of the Himalayas

Written by Lal Khan Monday, 05 May 2014

gilgit-baltistan-3-thOver the past 2 months a mass protest movement has shaken Gilgit-Baltistan, a Pakistani region which borders China, India and Afghanistan. The movement initially started as a reaction to price increases caused by the removal of government wheat subsidies in Gilgit-Baltistan.


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