Pakistan: Lessons of the PIA strike

Written by Lal Khan Wednesday, 10 February 2016

piaThe recent strike in Pakistan’s flag carrier airline, PIA, was a magnificent and extremely significant episode in the history of industrial struggles by the workers in this country’s history.


Pakistan: PIA strike against privatization – intervention of the PTUDC

Written by PTUDC Tuesday, 09 February 2016

pia-protest-ptudc1A total strike at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) started on February 2 nd after state forces opened fire on protesting workers killing at least two. Comrades of the PTUDC [Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign] all over the country had been intervening in the movement almost a month earlier with all the forces at their disposal. Here we provide reports of their intervention.


Pakistan: Strike in PIA enters 7th day - solidarity required!

Written by Changez Malik (Joint Secretary PTUDC) Monday, 08 February 2016

pia-protest-ptudcThe PIA workers’ strike has entered its 7th day. Following the murder of three workers by security forces in Karachi last Tuesday, when the workers’ peaceful protest against privatization was brutally attacked, the intensity of the strike has peaked.


Pakistan: PIA strike - Daring battle in the class war

Written by Lal Khan Wednesday, 03 February 2016

pia-protest-ptudcThe month long strike activity of the PIA workers took a dramatic turn on Tuesday, February 2nd, when the deadline of the Joint Action Committee of the PIA workers to stop flight operation was crossed.


Pakistan: PIA - fighting privatisation

Written by Lal Khan Wednesday, 03 February 2016

piaThe ongoing process of privatising Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and the resistance of pilots and workers has suddenly taken a sharp turn with the eruption of protests and a countrywide strike. The strike and protests are continuing despite government attacks and the vacillations of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) leadership, formed of representatives from the various linked PIA unions, from the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) to the ruling PML-N on the one hand and the PPP on the other.


PTUDC condemns the violent attacks by the state against protesting PIA workers!

Written by PTUDC Wednesday, 03 February 2016

Statement of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign against PIA attacks.


Pakistan’s relentless terrorist menace

Written by Lal Khan Friday, 22 January 2016

peshawar-vigil-Dec2014As terrorists struck another educational institution, the attack has stunned even a society where terrorism is not an extraordinary happening. Wednesday`s attack on Bacha Khan University`s Charsadda Campus in which 21 mainly students were killed and more than fifty injured, has raised the two-day death toll to more than 30.


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