Pakistan: “When worlds have to be won”

Since the new government came to power in Pakistan there has been a lot of talk about "solutions" to the pressing problems of the masses, but all we have is talk and no real answers. Here we publish the editorial of the latest edition, 16-30 June 2008, of "The Struggle" commenting on this situation.

The capitalist media is constantly preaching that with the restoration of the Chief Justice, with the demise of Musharraf, with the political dialogue with the tribes, with this new democratic coalition government and with other such steps all the problems will be solved.

How can we oppose such democratic steps? But we would dare say that whether these steps are taken or not, none of these problems will be solved, because the solutions that are being sold have nothing to do with the actual problems. And when these issues are not solved they become more and more painful and unbearable.

These problems flow from the historical, social and economic crisis of this system, which magnifies them a hundredfold as the crisis intensifies. For the ruling class these issues only exist as objects of discussion and analysis, with long debates about them in parliaments and on TV talk shows, and as an opportunity to advertise their "charity" by selling the pains of the poor in the market.

The aim of the ruling class is to take from the poor the product of their labour and bury them under the burden of charity and reforms. But if the working class refuses to acknowledge these favours and refuses to be buried under their burden and starts to move along the path of rebellion against exploitation, then the ruling classes try to crush them with state terrorism.

However, if then the state fails in this endeavour and as a result cracks start to appear within it, then the intellectuals, the mullahs, the artists, with their sermons, or "movements" and "elections" and other such gimmicks are used in an attempt to make the working class give up their struggle for real solutions to their problems.

Often they can be successful in for certain periods of time, but when the wounds of these problems do not heal, when the pain of hunger, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy refuses to end, then come such periods when consciousness breaks away from its shackles, rebellions tear apart all existing relations and the volcano of revolution erupts and the lava of the masses of the working class comes flowing down into history.

Once this process starts they no longer ask for one farm or one country but they start demanding the whole world. The hearts of the masses become filled with courage; their thoughts unrestrained and their strength and valour get a new vigour. Passions start to heat up the grief and wrath against this system creating a force that is unstoppable. This force does not change rulers but it changes the system.

All this is called a Socialist Revolution. Such an event happened here not so long ago and it is not long before this happens once again. Every thing is being exposed and every false hope is dying. There is no other way out other than the reality of a revolution. Once this revolutionary march of the class war begins labour will defeat capital and alter the course of history.

When there is a whole world to win then the shackles have to be broken and revolutions have to be made. It is only after breaking the chains of the problems that man will be called man, man will become man.

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