PTUDC condemns the violent attacks by the state against protesting PIA workers!

Statement of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign against PIA attacks.

We condemn the killing of the Karachi PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) workers who have been protesting against privatisation. The government must resign. Mushahidullah, Pervez Rasheed, Zubair Ahmed and Tariq Azeem are responsible for these killings. The PTUDC demands that a murder case must brought against them. After the murders in Karachi and police repression in Multan, the government has lost its legitimacy.

The  “Essential Services Act” is a reactionary law which is being enforced to privatise the PIA. The government must repeal this law immediately. The privatisation of the PIA and other public enterprises are being carried out to ensure the implementation of imperialist policies. The huge losses and deficits of these enterprises are due to corrupt bureaucracy and ministries.

The purpose of privatization is to plunder the national assets and to enrich the cronies of the ruling class. Under the pressures of private airlines they want to sell PIA. In order to buy the Roosevelt Hotel in New York and hotels in Paris owned by PIA, Mian Mansha wants to convert the smokescreen of “Partnership” into a permanent policy. This privatisation policy will severely threaten the national economy. It must be repealed!

The Chairman of Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign, Nazar Mengal; Vice Chairman, Ghufran Ahad; Secretary General, Qamar Uz Zaman; Deputy Secretary, Changez Malik; Majid Memon and Central Organizer Rashid Khalid strongly condemn the indiscriminate firing of live bullets on the peaceful protest rally of anti privatisation workers of PIA by the rangers. Two workers died on the spot and six others were injured.

The PTUDC believes that these acts of violence amount to terrorism and the cowardly actions of the government. The real face of these imperialist stooges have been unmasked. The banning of unions will further enrage the workers against these capitalist policies. The workers will unitedly fight against this murderous government.