Pakistan: support the conference of Progressive Youth Alliance

The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) is holding its founding convention on Saturday, December 5th in Lahore. This will be an immense step forward towards the revival of left youth and student politics in Pakistan. Student unions have been banned in the country since 1983 and none of the so called civilian or "democratic" regimes have dared to reverse this brutal relic of Zia ul-Haq's draconian regime.

The crisis of capitalism is intensifying on a daily basis. The world economy is still spiralling down with no signs of recession ending and the crisis continuing for almost 8 years. The PYA convention is being held in the background of deepening socioeconomic crisis in Pakistan. The right-wing PML (N) regime is carrying out drastic cuts to education and health. More than sixty state owned enterprises in services and industry are being sold to Pakistani and foreign investors, for under the dictates of the IMF hard won terms and conditions of work are being destroyed and massive redundancies are adding to the already gigantic army of the unemployed. In addition, historic educational institutions are being privatised. In response, students and teachers of these institutions have organized mass protests during the last few weeks. But these campaigns are isolated and lack leadership with a solid strategy.



‎Posted by Progressive Youth Alliance on‎ 30 نوفمبر، 2015

The Pakistani comrades of the IMT are launching the new youth organisation PYA in order to unite and organize all the progressive currents within existing youth organisations of the country. PYA will help the comrade to increase and strengthen the forces of Marxism and build the IMT in Pakistan and internationally.

The convention is being held on December 5th in Lahore. More than 2,000 youth are attending the event. A full blown campaign is already undergoing with leaflets, posters, stickers, membership camps, seminars and protests being organized all over the country. Pictures and report are attached to this email.

The biggest hurdle the comrades in Pakistan are facing right now is finance. The total budget for the three day event is 800,000 Pakistani Rupees [£5000, €7000]

Pakistani comrades have done an excellent job in mobilising for this convention and are very confident that they will have more than 2,000 youth and students. They have already raised Rs 600,000 from within Pakistan and are  Rs 200,000 [£1250] short of the target.

On behalf of youth comrades in Pakistan we are making an urgent appeal to supporters and sympathisers in Britain and internationally to contribute financially as much as possible. Every single pound you contribute will help and boost the morale of the comrades in Pakistan.  We do not have much time left before the convention but sincerely hope you will give this priority. Click the button below to donate.