Pakistan: Protests in Kot Addu in Solidarity with Arrested Student Leaders of UAF

Students, workers and political activists held a protest in Kot Addu to condemn the arrest of comrades Umer Rasheed and Asad Rehman. On 20 November at 11am they gathered at the Press Club in Kot Addu to protest against this brutal action of university administration and Punjab government.

kot_addu_protest_201110The protesters carrying banner and play cards with slogans of solidarity with comrades of Agriculture University in Faisalabad and against state repression came out on road. The protesters blocked the road for 30 minutes. They demanded the early release of the arrested comrades and the dismissal of the VC Rana Iqrar Ahmad and the Law Minister in the Punjab Rana Sana Ullah.

The following people participated in the protest:

  1. Amir Latif, BNT
  2. Shoaib, BNT
  3. Shafqat Hassan, Teacher
  4. Abdul Sattar, student Commerce College
  5. Zain Shah, student Commerce College
  6. Dr Abdul Aziz, gen sec veterinary staff association
  7. Niaz Ahmad, Revenue department
  8. Sajid Riaz, Wapda
  9. Professor Anjum…..Commerce College
  10. Irfan shah, student
  11. Shafqat Ali, Revenue department
  12. Ali Akbar, PTUDC
  13. Anam Abbas, Student
  14. Younis Shah, Social Worker
  15. Nazar Abbas, BNT
  16. Mohsin, BNT
  17. Abid Farid, BNT
  18. Imran Shahzad, Revenue department
  19. Zohaib Shah, Social worker
  20. Mehran Tariq, Social worker
  21. Raza Khan, President Mazdur union Parco
  22. Bahadur Khan, BNT
  23. Imtiaz Tahir, Journalist
  24. Azam Khan, OGDCL
  25. Tasneem Chishti Teacher
  26. Hamid Akhtar, gen sec united labour union tma Kot Adu
  27. Shahid anjum, TMA Kot Adu
  28. Hidayat Masih, Political activist
  29. Dr Shahid, Pera Medics
  30. Azhar Niaz, President PSF Kot Adu
  31. Faran Rana, Gen Sec PSF Kot Adu
  32. DR Hayat, Veterinary Doctor
  33. Zubair Qamar, BNT
  34. M Latif, Punjab Teachers’ Union
  35. Raiy Saqib, PSF