Pakistan: Demonstrations in solidarity with Arab Revolution

Youth For International Socialism (YFIS), the Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) and the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) jointly held protests in Rawalpindi and Hyderabad to express solidarity with the revolutionary movements in Tunisia and Egypt.

solidarity_with_Egypt-1On Sunday 30th January youth and workers gathered outside the Rawalpindi and Hyderabad Press Clubs and raised slogans against the dictatorial regimes in the Arab countries. They held placards denouncing the brutal attacks and killing of innocent people. They also praised the valor and courage of the youth and workers of Tunisia and Egypt.

solidarity_with_Egypt-2In Hyderabad comrade Rahul from YFIS, Hanif Misrani, the Provincial Secretary General of the BNT, and Dr. Harish Kumar editor of the Sindhi edition of The Class Struggle addressed the protestors, while in Rawalpindi Sajjad Malik from Peoples' Lawyers Forum, Ijaz Khan from PTCL, Dr. Changez Malik from PTUDC, Farhad Kayani from BNT, Majid Naseem and Sajid Kashir from the JKNSF addressed the gathering.

solidarity_with_Egypt_PindiThey explained that capitalism has failed throughout the whole world and is incapable of providing the basic necessities of life. The example shown by the Arab youth should be followed in other countries and people should rise up against corrupt ruling classes of their countries. They said that socialist revolution is the only way forward for humanity otherwise this barbaric rule of Capital will lead to more misery hunger and poverty.

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