Open letter to Evo Morales on the COB strike

Trade union and left wing activists from different countries have signed this open letter to Evo Morales regarding the conflict over wage increases between the COB trade union and the MAS government

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Evo Morales

President Plurinational State of Bolivia

The undersigned, union activists, workers and activists from the left we have enthusiastically supported the struggle of the Bolivian people from the Water War, which you was one of its participants, through the Gas War and the uprisings of 2003 and 2005 up the overwhelming electoral victory of yourself, a victory that was an expression and consequence of those struggles.In the same way we enthusiastically welcomed your speech about the need to deepen the process of change to proclaim socialism, delivered the night of your electoral victory and your continued calls for the defense of Mother Earth, whose chief enemy and danger is - as you said - capitalism. As you know capitalism is not only an enemy of nature, because it is based on exploitation and individual ownership of resources, it is primarily an enemy of man, because the basis of this system is the exploitation of man by man. What happens in these days in Greece where workers are called to pay with more poverty to keep the profits of bankers and speculators is a clear example.

We express our deep concern over the conflict that has erupted between your government and the Central Obrera Boliviana, the main organisation body of our worker brothers and sisters in Bolivia.We know that despite the tremendous efforts that have been made to combat poverty - with very significant and undeniable results - a lot of our fellow workers, miners and workers in general earn less than what would be required to live on. Most Bolivians workers are precarious, which subjects them to the blackmail of big business. In many, too many, private companies there are no unions and working hours are extended to 12 hours of work. The significant wage increases you recognized in prior years have been offset by businesses, by linking them to increases of productivity, in fact demanding much more work to recognize wage increases.Also, unfortunately, in your country there is still a system of industrial relations in which workers must ask permission to go on strike from the State and employers can counter the strike with Lock out (Chapter II of the General Labor Law), intimidating the union.

Faced with this situation we want to express our deepest sympathy to our worker brothers and sisters oragnised in the Central Obrera Boliviana, and our support for their demands.Mr. President, the workers who are striking and marching are the same ones that gave you their overwhelming support in the struggle and in elections. Their government correctly consideres them to be the main pillars of the economy and the state. Therefore we respectfully urge you and your cabinet to engage with workers in useful dialogue, as workers expect, to address the overall issue of pay and working conditions of the Bolivian working class and allow the Bolivian labor movement to realize their participation the transformative process in Bolivia.

Comrade President, we believe that the Bolivian revolution could be an example and point of reference for the global anti-capitalist and workers' movement.This possibility will be dramatically diminished if workers in the world do not see in Bolivia, the real possibility of a road and a different world, where the economy is run in order to meet human needs and not individual greed, and genuine democracy is based on the participation of working people in decisions on the future of humanity. We trust that this concern is also shared by yourself and in your ability to resolve the ongoing conflict in the best way to deepen the process of change and advance to socialism.

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  • Gines Ferez Abellan, , Delegado de personal de GALVISA. (Empresa de Metal)
  • Iñaki Gómez Díaz de Zárate, Delegado de Personal de ZABOR RECYCLING (Empresa de Metal)
  • Patricio Cabrerizo Del Piño, Delegado de Personal de ARATUBO (Empresa de Metal)
  • Jesús Díaz de Durana Ortiz de Urbina, Asesor Sindical de UGT Metal.


Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (SME)

  • Martín Esparza Flores, secretario general del SME
  • Marco Antonio Olvera Gómez, representante departamental

Comité Ejecutivo del Sindicato Único de Trabajadores del Instituto de Educación Media Superior (SUTIEMS)

  • Raúl Pérez Ríos, secretario general
  • Susana Rangel Albarrán, secretaria de capacitación
  • Guillermo Alegre Martínez, secretario de cultura
  • Francisco Gamboa, estudios laborales
  • David Rodrigo García Colín Carrillo, secretario de prensa
  • Lina Martínez Ramos, secretaria de asuntos académicos
  • Jaime Ojeda Rivera, secretario de actas y acuerdos
  • Roció Rabadán García, secretaria de salud
  • Oscar Mata Silva, secretario de trabajo
  • Alberto Rodríguez Torres, secretario de finanzas
  • Jorge Castro Zarco, secretario de conflictos
  • Elizabeth Montaño A, secretaria de relaciones exteriores

Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE)

  • Samuel Sotelo Crespo, Bloque de Delegaciones Democráticas del IPN, DElegado de la Sección XI del SNTE-CNTE
  • Patricia Góngora, Bloque de Delegaciones Democráticas del IPN, DElegado de la Sección XI del SNTE-CNTE
  • Guillermo Flores, miembro del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional Democrático, SNTE sección X
  • Armando Rodríguez Téllez, miembro del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional Democrático, SNTE sección X, Asamblea General de Representantes (AGR), Sección X CNTE

Movimiento de AMLO

  • Juan Martinez Pérez Movimiento Nacional Obradorista por la Restauración de México, PRD Azcapotzalco
  • Víctor Hugo Ovando Contreras, Red Comunitaria
  • Edmundo Erazo Hda, Gobierno Legítimo de México

Movimiento Estudiantil

  • Comité Estudiantil en Defensa de la Educación Publica-Comité Estudiantil del Politécnico (CLEP-CEDEP)

Tendencia Marxista Militante

  • Rubén Rivera, Comité de Redacción del periódico Militante
  • Ubaldo Oropeza, Comité de Redacción del periódico Militante
  • Carlos Márquez, Comité de Redacción del periódico Militante

Campaña de Solidaridad con la revolución en América Latina

  • Manos Fuera de Venezuela – México


  • Allain Duguet (PCF Alès)
  • Boris Campos (MJCF Toulouse)
  • Christophe Cambefort (PCF / MJCF Toulouse)
  • Daniel Hebrard (PCF Alès)
  • Dominique Escouboué (PCF Toulouse)
  • Eric Jouen (CGT / PCF Rouen)
  • Fabien Jambou (PCF Grenoble)
  • Greg Oxley (PCF Paris)
  • Hubert Prevaud (CGT / PCF Toulouse)
  • Jacques Lesne (CGT / PCF Bobigny)
  • Jérôme Métellus (PCF Paris)
  • Joseph Coutant (PCF Niort)
  • Jules Legendre (PCF Lyon)
  • Laurent Gutierrez (PCF Dijon)
  • Marie-Hélène Lewkowicz (CGT / PCF Paris)
  • Martin Crouzet (PCF Lyon)
  • Naiké Caldera (MJCF / PCF Toulouse)
  • Pierre Villeret (CGT / PCF Roissy)
  • Sophie Rault (PCF 31)
  • Suzanne Loriol (CGT / PCF 31)
  • Sylvain Roch (CGT / PCF 03)
  • Virgille Besson (PCF Lyon)
  • Xavier Askildsen (PCF Oleron)


Direccion nacional, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista

  • Claudio Bellotti,
  • Alessandro Giardiello,

Comitè politico nacional, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista:

  • Andrea Davolo,
  • Mario Iavazzi,
  • Jacopo Renda,
  • Sonia Previato
  • Antonio Santorelli,
  • Lidia Luzzaro,
  • Enrico Galici,
  • Dario Salvetti,

Coordinadora nacional de los Jovenes Comunistas, Partito della Rifondazione Comunista:

  • Anna Arena
  • Tatiana Chignola
  • Paolo Cipressi
  • Margherita Colella
  • Emanuele Cullorà
  • Gemma Giusti
  • Matteo Molinaro
  • Deborah Pezzani
  • Ilario Pinnizzotto
  • Simone Raffaelli
  • Giovanni Savino

Delegados y cargos sindicales

  • Paolo Brini, Comitè central, Fiom Cgil (Sindicato del metal)
  • Antonio Santorelli, Comitè central, Fiom Cgil (Sindicato del metal)
  • Samira Giulitti, Comitè nacional, Fisac Cgil (sindicato de los seguos)
  • Paolo Grassi, Comitè nacional, Nidil Cgil (Sindicato precari)
  • Mario Iavazzi, Comitè nacional, FP Cigil, (Sindicato de empleo publico)
  • Diana Terzi, Comitè nacional, Flc Cigil, (Sindicato de la ensenanza)
  • Domenico Loffredo, Comitè regional Fiom Cgil, Campania
  • Enzo Chianese, Comitè regional Fiom Cgil, Campania
  • Orlando Maviglia, Comitè regional, Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
  • Giamplacido Ottaviano, Comitè regional Fiom Cgil, Emilia Romagna
  • Antonio Forlano, Comitè regional Filt Cgil, Lombardia (Sindicato de los transportes)
  • Laura Parozzi, Comitè regional Filt Cgil, Lombardia
  • Fortunato Lania, Comitè regional Filt Cgil, Lombardia
  • Lorenzo Esposito, Comitè regional Fisac Cgil, Lombardia
  • Angelo Raimondi, Comitè regional Filcams Lombardia
  • Antonio Esposito, Comitè regional Slc Cgil, Campania (Sindicato de telecomunicaciones)
  • Davide Bacchelli, Comitè provincial Cgil, Bologna
  • Vincenzo De Blasi, Comitè provincial Cgil Ticino Olona
  • Alberto Parmigiani, Comitè provincial Fiom Cgil Ticino Olona
  • Nunzio Vurchio, Comitè provincial Fiom Cgil, Bologna
  • Giampiero Montanari, delegado sindical Sasib Fiom Cgil Bologna
  • Giuseppe Violante, Comitè provincial Fiom Cgil, Modena
  • Daniele Prampolini Comitè provincial Fiom Cgil Modena
  • Ilaria Pietrafesa, Comitè provincial FP Cgil, Bologna
  • Simone Raffaelli, Comitè provincial FP Cgil, Bologna
  • Marco Simoni, Comitè provincial FP Cgil, Bologna
  • Valerio Interlandi, Comitè provincial Nidil Cgil Milano
  • Serenella Ricci, Comitè provincial Nidil Cgil Milano
  • Giorgio Chiaranda, Comitè provincial Nidil Cgil Ferrara
  • Alberto Bertoli, delegado sindical, Fiom Cgil, Bergamo
  • Antonino Grimaldi, delegado sindical, Flai Cgil, Modena
  • Roland Caramelle, Comitè provincial Filcams Cgil Trento
  • Paola Polelli, delegada sindical, Ups Milano Filt Cgil
  • Alessandro Matteo, delegado sindical, Toyota Bologna Fiom Cgil
  • Antonio Sisto, delegado sindical, AFM Bologna Filcams Cgil
  • Clara Bracchi, delegado sindical, Silent Gliss Bologna Fiom CgilCarlo Simoni, delegado sindical, Università Bologna Flc Cgil
  • Matteo Parlati, delegado sindical, Ferrari, Fiom Cgil, Modena
  • Davide Tognoni delegado sindical, FP-Cgil Rolo Reggio Emilia)
  • Francesco Santoro, delegado sindical, Terim Fiom Cgil, Modena
  • Serafino Pirillo, delegado sindical, Bonfiglioli Fiom Cgil Bologna
  • Davide Ledda, delegado sindical, CFT Fiom Cgil Parma
  • Alessio Marconi, Coordinador nacional de el Comitè en defensa de la ensenanza publica (Csp-Csu)


  • Jorge Acedo, Secretario General de la Central de Trabajadores Argentinos CTA-Rosario
  • Gustavo Martínez, Secretario Adjunto de Asociación de Trabajadores del Estado ATE-Rosario
  • Víctor Moya, integrante de la Comisión Gremial Interna del Banco Nación-Rosario
  • Angel Perouch, integrante de la Mesa Nacional del Encuentro Sindical de Base
  • Malvina Alvides, Delegada sindical del Sindicato Docente SUTEBA-General Rodríguez
  • Teresa Vicenzi, Delegada sindical del Sindicato Docente SUTEBA-General Rodríguez
  • Daniela Sáenz, militante de ATE-Municipales General Rodríguez
  • Jorge Nebbia, dirigente de la Federación Nacional de Trabajadores Encargados de Edificios
  • Sergio González, Sindicato de Prensa Bonaerense– La Plata


  • Jeremy Dear, secretario general sindicato de periodistas, National Union of Journalists.
  • Jerry Hicks, candidato a secretario general UNITE
  • Steve Kelly, secretary London UNITE construction branch
  • Ray McHale, member of nation APF of UNISON
  • Rob Sewell, Chairman NUJ, Central London Branch
  • Ron Graves, Secretary UNISON E Anglia Health branch
  • Rob Walsh, member of the Labour Representation Committee, UNITE and Ealing North CLP.
  • Gray Allen, branch secretary Falkirk UNISON
  • Dan Morley, Shop Steward UNISON, Sutton
  • Steve Jones, treasurer London Central NUJ
  • Sylvia Courtnage, branch official, book branch NUJ
  • Rachael Heemskerk, PCS regional committee
  • Darral Cozens, Coventry Trades Council and UCU
  • Luke Wilson, UNITE and Leeds Trades Council
  • Mike Jones, PCS regional organiser
  • Lisa Woods, PCS organiser
  • Will Roche, branch secretary Post productions and facilities BECTU
  • Andy Blake, branch secretary No 7 London CWU
  • Bob Edwards, Harlow Trades Council
  • Rick Grogan, London Underground rep, RMT
  • Steve Headley, London secretary RMT
  • Jo Pickard, executive committee of London School Students Union
  • Rachael Gibbs, executive committee of Edinburgh School students Union
  • Kevin Robins, UNITE regional organiser
  • Jim Brookshaw, shop steward UNISON, Cardiff
  • Rick Fricker, branch committee USDAW, Southampton
  • Mick Gaskell, UNITE organiser, construction
  • Matt Wells, PCS lay official and LRC national Committee
  • Nigel Pearce, UNISON steward, Wakefield
  • Steve Brown, LRC national committee and UNISON
  • Mary Hanson, branch organiser CWU Central London


  • Graeme Anfinson, BCTGM (AFL-CIO) Local 22, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.
  • Tom Trottier, Organization of Staff Analysts, New York, NY.
  • Alfredo Pena, AFSCME Local 154 [retired], New York, NY.
  • August Scott, AFSCME Local 154 Local 1503 [retired], New York, NY.
  • Nikhil Kothegal, AFT Local 420, Jobs With Justice delegate, St. Louis, MO.
  • Joshua Purcell, CWA Local 1701, Dallas, TX.
  • John Peterson, CWA Local 37002, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.
  • Josh Lucker, CWA Local 37002, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.


  • Daniel Flückiger, Unia*, local Union Secretary Winterthur
  • Jonas Gerber, Unia, Member of the local Committee Winterthur and the regional Committee Zurich
  • Magnus Meister, Unia, Member of the regional Committee Geneva
  • Achim Hahn, Young Socialists, local Chairman Winterthur
  • Samuel Haffner, Young Socialists, local Chairman Zurich Unterland

Unia is the biggest swiss interprofessional Trade Union that organize the whole private sector.

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