As one of the richest countries in the world, you would have thought that Norway could escape austerity. Not so! The bourgeoisie and its new right-wing government are preparing massive attacks against the working class.

Norway, until recently was seen as one of the most politically stable countries in Europe. That was before the dramatic events of this summer, when Anders Breivik, an ultra-right-wing fascist killed 69 youth at the Labour Youth Organisation’s summer camp. Yesterday, his appearance in court reiterated how much Norway has changed in the recent period. Already in September an article in “Bloomberg” pointed out that the deepening global crisis of capitalism is beginning to come to the fore in countries that seemed to have escaped it, such as Norway.

A recent hunger strike of Afghani refugees threatened with repatriation from Norway has highlighted the imperialist interests of this Scandinavian country. Could repatriation have anything to do with the fact that Norway has taken part in the bombing of Afghanistan?

In the recent elections in Norway the Norwegian working class did not vote for this or that party, or this or that electoral alliance. It voted against unemployment, against cutbacks and against privatisation of public welfare. The amazing thing is that although Norway is a debt-free country we have the same policies of cuts in welfare and attacks on working conditions as everywhere else in the world.

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