New Farsi language monthly out Mobaarezeh Tabeghati (Class Struggle)

Editorial: The publication of a journal by the Revolutionary Socialist Union -Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan (March 29, 2004)



A number of activists of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League and the Jed-o Jahd organisation of Pakistan, as well as a section of the revolutionary socialists of Afghanistan, have recently held a series of discussions. They have reached the conclusion that to be able to provide a political response to the military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the forces of imperialism, and the increased military presence of the US in Pakistan under the guise of the “war against terrorism”; they should publish a joint paper.

The central concern of this journal, which will be distributed by revolutionary socialists in all three countries, is to expose the nature of imperialism with the aim of attracting workers and revolutionary youth for the task of creating a socialist and anti-capitalist political centre for the preparation of a socialist federation in the region. This is because the anti-imperialist struggle is linked with the anti-capitalist struggle.

Contents of issue No.1:

1- Editorial (see above)

2- World Perspectives 2004 draft statement (translation of paragraphs 1-25: see the English version here)

3- M. Razi's speech to Congress in Lahore (see English translation: Iranian Marxist speaks at the 2004 congress of “The Struggle” (“Jed-o Jahd”) in Lahore)

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