Morocco: Fez February 3 student protests

Further to the information we provided yesterday about Morocco, we received this report from comrades in Fez about the ongoing student protests.

It has been reported that the students marched in solidarity with the Egyptian and the Tunisian people. The rally started from “Thahir el mehraz” university in the direction of downtown. The riot police intervened and tried to stop the peaceful rally. The riot police started to use force against the students when the march was inside the “Gandarah el ledo” bazaar not far away from “el Atlas” neighborhood. The courageous students engaged bravely with the police, after they were joined by the workers and the unemployed who reside in the nearby shanty town. The students and the workers showed great courage and bravery during the engagement and they taught the forces of repression a lesson. We all saw how the riot police ran, leaving behind their equipment, which was confiscated by the students and the locals. The reported injuries among the students were 35 with varying degrees of severity, and there were 20 arrested persons most of them from the local shanty town. During the same time, reports came in that two large local neighborhoods, “Owinat el hajaj” and “Bab el fitooh”, had organised a protest because of the high prices and the low level of security. This morning the students boycotted the exams in the College of Arts and Humanities in solidarity with those who were under inquiry and arrested.


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