Moroccan Solidarity Appeal: Freedom for comrade Mohammad Ghalout

Since May 18, 2011 comrade Mouhammad Ghalout, a student activist in the “Democratic Base Method” faction of the National Moroccan Student Union, has been held in the prisons of the dictatorship as his hearing has been postponed for the second time. He was arrested on false accusations and underwent unjust political trials.

The real "crime" that comrade Mouhammad Ghalout has committed is simply being part of his people and struggling together with his follow students in the National Moroccan Student Union. It is very important to underline the fact that the comrade has been subjected to various and systematic types of barbaric torture including rape with the use of a wooden stick. This makes the struggle for his release an even more immediate and urgent task.

Workers, free people of the world, your solidarity is necessary to achieve his release. As we explained in a previous appeal, we demand his release and the putting on trial of those responsible for oppressing the students and the masses and that they be considered as criminals against humanity, starting with Mohammad VI himself and including all of those who are responsible for organizing the forces of oppression.

We invite you to sign petitions and organize protests in front of Moroccan embassies or councils in your countries (see Moroccan embassies) as well as sending protests letters to the Moroccan Prime Minister, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Minister of Justice:

Prime Minister :
Fax number: 00212537761777
E-mail address:

Minister of Internal Affairs:
Fax number: 00212537761777 or 00212537767404
E-mail address:

Minister of Justice:
E-mail address:

We also ask you to send copies of your letters and pictures of your protests to the website ( so that we can show them to the masses of Fez and let them know that they are not alone in their struggle.