Dear Comrades,

First I want to thank you for putting up my article. What you say in the forward about bringing the atomised individuals like myself together and transforming them into a genuine socialist opposition within Israel, is my dream, but alas we are far and few between.

We are publishing an article by M. Razi of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League, which was written just before the elections in Iran which took place on February 20. As the results were a foregone conclusion, the points raised in comrade Razi's analysis are as valid now as they were before the elections took place. We would just like to add a few points to put the article in context.

If one were to search for the simplest example of lack of coverage of an important labour movement event by the international media of the capitalists, Lebanon is the most recent case. A 24 hours general strike took place in Lebanon last week but it was hardly reported outside of Lebanon. The Daily Star reported, "Preparations for Thursday’s all-out strike were under way on Wednesday as the General Labor Confederation (GLC) urged the Labour Ministry to be alert for complaints about employers who refuse to give their staff a paid day off during the walkout. Labor unions and teachers’ leagues called for a one-day strike to protest the 2004 draft budget. Unpopular items include Article 12, which stipulates that the government should privatise public mutual funds that cover healthcare and after-service indemnities for teachers at public schools and the Lebanese University (LU) as well as civil servants."

Yesterday the Histadrut trade union federation in Israel formally announced a labour dispute in Israel's public sector. At the end of a 15-day "cooling off" period, some 700,000 workers will be legally entitled to take strike action.