Francisco Jay Alguilar is free at last! After enduring an extremely difficult situation in prison, comrade Alguilar has been freed and returned to his family. The struggle of all our comrades in prison was exemplary. Now our task is to continue the fight and build the revolutionary organisation.

The campaign to free Adán Mejía is calling for an International Day of Action on September 13th, when pickets should be organised outside Mexican consulates and embassies around the world. We are also calling on all labour movement and youth activists to pass resolutions supporting the demands of the campaign and to make donations towards the legal defence fund, which will cover the costs of the campaign.

On Monday August 6th, a force of nearly 1000 police officers attacked a peaceful sit-in demonstration of students who were demanding access to university. The protest had been organised by the Movement of Non-Admitted Students, a campaign launched by the Committee in Defence of State Education - Committee of Student Struggle.

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