Messages of support to Bolivia

Here we publish some messages of support to the Bolivian people which we received in the last few days. Please raise the question of the Bolivian Revolution in your trade union branch, party branch, local associations, etc., get resolutions of support passed and send them on to us at !

Resolution of support for the Bolivian revolution

We wish to express to our Bolivian brothers and sisters that their courageous stand is a source of great inspiration to the workers, peasants, students and youth of the world. Therefore we/my branch are appealing to all to send messages of support to the Bolivian people. We believe that the demands of the People’s Assembly are a true inspiration.

We support the following Statement from it:

1) That the city of El Alto be the General Headquarters of the Bolivian Revolution in the XXI century.

2) To create a United Leadership of the Originaria National Peoples’ Assembly as an INSTRUMENT OF POWER, at the head of the Federation of Neighbourhood Juntasof El Alto (FEJUVE), the Regional Workers’ Union of El Alto (COR), the Bolivian Workers’ Union (COB), the United Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), the Trade Union Confederation of Artisan Workers, Small Traders of Bolivia, the Trade Union Federation of Mine Workers of Bolivia, the Interprovincial Transport Federation of La Paz and the other mobilised social organisations in the interior of the country.

3) To create SUPPLY, SELF DEFENCE, PRESS AND POLITICAL Committees whose aim is to guarantee the success of the organised peoples’ organisations.

4) We reiterate that our struggle for the NATIONALISATION AND INDUSTRIALISATION OF HYDROCARBONS is non-negotiable.

5) To organise the formation of Peoples’ Assemblies in every department under the leadership of the COB, the Departmental Workers’ Federation, and the delegates elected from the rank and file in mass meetings and cabildos.

6) To reject all manoeuvres of the ruling class either through a constitutional succession or elections involving the same old “politicians”.


Tam Burke, Edinburgh, Britain: South West Edinburgh Labour Party member; Prospect Trade Union (National Library of Scotland Branch Committee, personal capacity); Socialist Appeal supporter 
Ewan Gibbs
Chris Ruterford 
Steve Brown: Secretary, Wansbeck and Castle Morpeth Trades Council 
Sarah Wilson, School Pupil at Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh, UK 
Bjorn Oystein Ovrevik Adam Ley-Lange 
Kenny McGuigan, member Scottish Socialist Party

Italian Marxists support Bolivian revolution

Many so-called “left-wing intellectuals” aren’t able to recognize a revolution when looking at it. Marxists are not like that. Not only did we realize that a revolution was developing in Bolivia, but we FORESAW it in advance. I’ve been a militant of the Marxist movement for the last 10 years and I’ve not been waiting in vain for another wave of revolutions to shake this rotten world. Nothing will be as it was if the Bolivian people succeed in their storming of heaven. I’m not talking just about Bolivia: nothing will be as it was in Italy, in Britain, in the US – everywhere. The Bolivan proletariat and peasantry are waging a heroic fight against capitalist society. At the same time, they are waging a heroic fight against all those theories that define Communism as an outmoded utopia.

Long live the Bolivian Revolution!
Nationalize the gas industry under workers’ control!
All power to the Popular Assembly!
Down with the bourgeois tricks (the Costituent Assembly and the Santa Cruz separatism)!
Latin America: one continent – one people – one revolution

Mauro Vanetti,
coordinator of the Communist Youth of Pavia, Italy
supporter of FalceMartello, the Italian Marxist tendency

Solidarity with the Bolivian Revolution!


From the heart of imperialism, the comrades of the Workers International League send our warmest greetings of solidarity! The workers of the United States are watching your heroic struggle with intense interest! Every step forward for the workers and peasants in Bolivia is a step forward for the millions of workers who also struggle against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalists here in the U.S.A. Forward to the socialist revolution in Bolivia, Latin America, and the world! The U.S. working class will not abandon you! A victory in Bolivia will change the world and will be the beginning of the socialist revolution of all the Americas!


Workers International League (USA)

Solidarity for the Bolivian Revolution from the United States!
To the Bolivian Miners, Workers, Peasants, and Students:

Brothers and Sisters,

The Workers International League and Socialist Appeal (U.S.) send you our greatest enthusiasm, encouragement and solidarity as you struggle against the Bolivian state and the rotten oligarchy that is hiding behind it. In your mass struggle you have aquired insurmountable strength and power in your hands - you are now the real power in Bolivia! The effects of your movement are not confined just to the Andes - your example is now a shining beacon for all of the workers and poor of Latin America to see, and as this beacon increasingly shines into the night, millions of workers outside of Latin America are taking notice as well.

Comrades, you have won the upper hand in the fight against the Bolivian oligarchs and their state but your position is not yet unassailable. The experience of all past revolutions shows that the working class and its allies must carry the fight to the very end. It is not enough to send the capitalists and their servants reeling - we must organize and prepare for power as well. It is necessary to coordinate the movement at every level starting with the Popular Assemblies. The Bolivian masses now have power within their reach - this is a situation that we cannot let slip by!

Comrades, our slogan must be "All Power to the Popular Assemblies!"

In Solidarity,

National Committee of the Workers International League Editorial Board of Socialist Appeal (U.S.)

Inspiring Revolutionary Actions in Bolivia

Hi, I want to thank you so very much for fighting the fight you’re fighting. It’s incredibly inspiring to see such militancy and fortitude!

I specifically want to let you know that Latin America is increasingly going in an excellent way lately, especially thanks to your workers’ struggles in Bolivia. The rest of the world owes a debt to you, as to the Iraqis fighting the US occupation right now, and the Vietnamese before them.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope and wish that everyone in Bolivia readily prepares so that the Popular Assemblies can begin their work immediately as workers’ governments.

Chris Kaihatsu
(Chicago, IL)

Pakistani Marxists support the revolution in Bolivia

Dear Comrade,

Surkh salam! Today our branch meeting was held under the chair of Comrade Amin Jamali. We passed a resolution in support of the revolutionary movement of workers and peasants in Bolivia against the Mesa government. We demand the nationalization of oil and gas, under workers’ control.We say to our comrades in bolivia that do not retreate the struggle on some changings of olchigarchy we under stand that it is a revolution .

Dadu Sindh, Pakistan

Comrades who attended the meeting and signed the resolution:

1.Ghulam Rasool Soomro 
2. Khalid Jamali 
3. Anwar Panhwar 
3. Akram Misrani 
4. Saqi Jatoe 
5. Asad Soomro 
6. Noor Mohd Soomro 
7. Hazoor Bux Chandio 
8. Rasool Bux Chansio 
9. Aftab Bughio 
10. Hneef Misrani

To my dear brothers and sisters, the workers and peasants of Bolivia

Dear Comrades,

You have come so far, you must carry this through to the end and completely smash the bourgeoisie. The world has suffered great inhumanities since the betrayal of the Russian Revolution almost 100 years ago. As we once again find ourselves on the brink of another bloody imperialist war, the workers of the world are watching you---show them the way and they will follow!!

Viva the workers and peasants of Bolivia!

David Dieni
Melbourne, Australia

To the Bolivian workers and peseants!

We send this letter from a small European country to express our support for the Bolivian struggle. Our hearts are with the Bolivian revolution!

Working-men of all countries, unite!

To the revolutionary workers, peasants and poor of Bolivia:

Dear brothers and sisters,

We – [’solid] – the socialist youth of Cologne, Germany, express our deepest solidarity with your revolutionary struggle for a workers’ and peasants’ government in Bolivia. Your uprising against the imperialist robbery of Bolivia’s resources and autonomy and for the nationalisation of oil and gas is an inspiration to the progressive youth in Germany and all over the globe.

The capitalist world order has been shaken to its very foundations by the revolutionary events of May and June. Within a few days, the pervasive bourgeois indoctrination of “no alternatives”, of the “end of history” and the “death of revolution and socialism” has been exposed and falsified. In Latin America, where the devastating effects of privatisations and the plundering of public property imposed by imperialism are the cause of misery and hunger for millions, you, together with our brothers and sisters in Venezuela, Equador, Peru and many other awakening countries, show the only way forward. There will be no liberation, equality and progress unless the stranglehold of private ownership of natural resources, land, culture and industry is broken. No bourgeois government will ever be capable of solving the pressing problems of the Bolivian masses. The nationalisation of oil and gas will not be carried out within the framework of bourgeois parliamentarism, by a government loyal to the multinationals. Only by taking your fortune in your own hands, will victory be guaranteed. On the difficult path ahead of you, the workers and youth of the world will stand firmly by your side and encourage you to reclaim the heroic traditions of Pulacayo.

Brothers and sisters,

Forward in your struggle! No concessions on the nationalisation of oil and gas! No confidence in Rodriguez! All power to the popular assemblies! Down with the oligarchy and imperialism! Ahead lies a world to win – a socialist Bolivia as a part of a revolutionary socialist world federation!

With our revolutionary conviction and all our hearts,

[’solid] – the socialist youth Cologne, June 13, 2005.

To the revolutionary movement of Bolivian workers and peasants from the Greek working movement.

We would like to express our full of support to the Bolivian revolutionary struggle. Our hearts are with the Bolivian revolution!

Every step forward for the workers and peasants in Bolivia is a step forward for the millions of workers who also struggle against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalists here in Europe.

Long live the Bolivian Revolution! 
Nationalize the gas industry under workers’ control! 
All power to the Popular Assembly!

The members of the Greek Marxist Tendency and the editorial board of the paper “Marxistiki Foni”

Forward to victory

To all our brothers and sisters in Bolivia.

We send our warmest solidarity with your struggle.

Your struggle for nationalization and against imperialism is a struggle all workers all over the world are engaged in. It is a struggle that can only be won if it is taken to the end – if the workers take power.

Mesa or Rodriguez or another bourgeois leader is one and the same thing. No one else will fight our struggle except ourselves – the working class is the only force that can show a way forward. At this moment in time you, the working class of Bolivia, are courageous at the forefront of this fight showing the way for the working class of the rest of the world!

We hope you will take this fight to the end and take power into your own hands – this way sending waves out in the entire world – a light of hope for the millions of workers and poor peasants in Latin America, Europe and elsewhere, and a shockwave through the ruling elites all over the world.

Against the privatization of the natural resources! 
Workers' control over the resources of Bolivia! 
All power to the popular assembly!

The editorial board of The Danish Marxist paper Socialistisk Standpunkt