May Day message from Turkey

In the last 2 months there has been some developments in the Tekel struggle. The Supreme Adminstrative Court has decided to give 8 months of additional time to the 12.000 Tekel workers to decide whether or not they accept 4-C status which I have explained to you in my previous messages. As a result, teh trade unions decided to meet in Ankara every month, and every month to increase the number of people and the days they will stay in front of the building starting in June with 1 thousand people.

Meanwhile, the ruling party AKP has put forth a constitutional amendment package with very critisized articles about the formation and structure of the high judiciary. This shows a clear split in the ruling class and within the state in Turkey.

At the mean time for the first time since 1977's Bloody Mayday, İstanbul's famous central square, Taksim Square, was opened to the workers for Mayday demonstrations. This was a result of the enormous struggle o the working class and trade unions since 2007.

I think it will be a great may day this year. I will send you a detailed report after the May Day in Turkey.

I will continue reporting the developments in Turkey.


The Hook.