The March Of US Imperialism

A comment by David Mitchell on the threat of the US to attack Syria

Having watched the latest episodes of the escapades of the Americans, and the British in Iraq, on BBC News, I become disturbed by the latest reported words of George Bush. Now it appears he is talking of going after Syria.

Not content with smashing down Iraq, with the eventual aim of turning that country into a satellite of the US. Yes, the American Government has already awarded very lucrative contracts to their multi-national companies to plunder Iraqi oil, and re-build the infrastructure that the American military has just smashed into the ground. All this to win new markets for the ruling class, while attempting to distract the population at home from the crisis in the capitalist system.

According to George Bush, Syria also supports terrorism and has weapons of mass destruction. The lie is now directed against another small Middle Eastern country that does not share the US view of the world. It appears that any nation at the beginning of the 21st century that opposes the USA is open to invasion and the jack boot of US military intervention, to show them the "error of their ways". In other words the US ruling class is showing it's teeth for all to see. You either serve our interests or you will be smashed and turned into a satellite colony of the US, and your people, and your resources will be plundered to serve the interests of International big business. Now it is obvious why Tony Blair has been so hesitant at resisting the American line. If he did would we be invaded as well? 

British imperialism is now only a minor force, in the scale of world affairs, and because Blair and the "Labour" leadership have completely capitulated in the face of the ruling class, they hope that by supporting the indefensible actions of US imperialism that British multi-nationals will be thrown some of the crumbs. From the way events have panned out so far this has not happened, yet Blair, devoid of any perspectives, other than those of serving the interests of capitalism is leading the United Kingdom down what is turning out to be a blind alley, as far as the interests of British Multi-nationals are concerned. As has been predicted by our analysis of this war from the start, the American ruling class intend keeping all the spoils of Iraq to themselves.

Worldwide Opposition

The opposition to the war in Iraq has been phenomenal. There have been mass demonstrations in one country after the other, including the United Kingdom, and the United States, yet before the dust has settled in Iraq the main spokesman of imperialism Mr George Bush is already making noises about military force against other countries in the Middle East. This would be a dangerous, and disastrous development for the civilian population, as it has been in Iraq, where thousands of innocent men, women and children have been killed and maimed, in the name of "liberty and freedom". The whole thing has been shown up for the hypocrisy that it is, and far from stifling the threat of International terrorism, the actions of George Bush in the Middle East, harbour the prospect of uniting the whole of the region against the west. Osama Bin Laden must be rubbing his hands at the prospect of all the new recruits he is winning at the present time. 

Of course, as Marxists we do not support the actions of individual terrorism. We must always keep a class perspective, and see the current events for what they are. The ideas of Marxism are desperately needed by the peoples of the middle East to equip them in the task of defeating capitalism and liberating the people from the various pro-imperialist regimes that currently dominate the region.

What we are seeing is the terminal decline of capitalism on a worldwide scale. The ruling class has no way out of their impasse, and their only answer in their dying days seems to be to go into countries, with the excuse that they harbour and support terrorists and possess weapons of mass destruction, when the real reason is to open up new markets for the imperialists to exploit. That is what we really see here. "The continuation of politics by other means". What cannot be conquered economically will be conquered by force. That is the true meaning of the capitalist system at the beginning of the 21st century. War, war and more war. The actions of the US in this present period risk the prospect of the complete annihilation of the human race, because the opposition around the world will only increase.

It is the task of Marxists to explain to the working class, that what we need is to build a mass revolutionary party that can empower the masses to transform society along socialist lines. That is the only hope for all of humanity. Capitalism has only lasted as long as it has, because of the bankruptcy of our current leadership, and that missing "subjective factor", the revolutionary party of the masses. I call on all trade unionists to go into the Labour Party and re-claim it for the working class. Go into your constituencies and kick out the Blairite clique, and re-claim the Labour Party for the people, which it was elected to represent.

We also have the task of building the ideas of Marxism across the world, from the Middle East to Latin America and beyond. Every country now is at an impasse because of the inability of capitalism to play any sort of progressive role in society. The system has entered a period of decline, which has lead, and will lead to further global instability in this, and the next period. Let us educate ourselves, and the working class of our respective countries for the tasks that lay ahead.

- The only end to wars and conflict is the end of capitalism
- For the democratic workers' control of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Production for the needs of the many, and not the few
- Forward to the Socialist transformation of Society in the Middle East and internationally